Monday, 1 October 2007

Early wake up call............

Well today started with a family walk. We got up at 7.ooam to go for a 30 min walk. It was nice at the time of the morning. It was Sean's idea to get us all motivated (more to get me motivated I think).

Then we came home had breakfast together and then I got stuck into the washing - there was stacks and stacks of it.

I then decided that I should finish off weeding the vegie patch that I started last week, especially as it has been a bit wet the weeds are easier to pull out. So jobs done. Tomorrow I shall go for a walk with the kids and buy some seedlings. I think we will plant some corn, peas, lettuce, tomatoes and whatever else we see that takes our fancy!!!!!

We then all had a family visit to see little Stephen. He had a great night Medina said and he is well underway with his feeding. The maternal nurse had been for a visit and Medina and Geroge found out a few more bits and pieces.

While we were there George asked Sean if he would take part in a special little ceremony either this Friday or Sunday. Back in Sudan George and Medina's tribe have "elders" someone to look up to, repect, advisor that type of thing. Well George respects Sean and looks up to Sean as an "elder". Sean was stoked to be asked to be the person to "give wisdom" to little Stephen. He will basically just speak over Stephen and tell him some "words of wisdom". Cool as.

Just put a roast on its one of those marinated lamb rolls with mustard and herbs and we will have some vegies with it...........should be yummy.

That's about all the news I have today.

Luv Sandie

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