Sunday, 26 August 2007

Pooh Cack is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Pooh Cack!!!!!!! Had everthing planned down to the finest detail and bingo bango something pops up.

I dropped the girls off at my best friends house last night so that Sean, Josh and I could travel to the airport to pick up Mizuki and his mum. We planned to leave at 7.00am - the plane comes in at 7.50. Anyway, getting ready this morning, doing last minute things and the phone rings....................Emily is feeling sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had just got out of the shower, got dressed and went around to pick her up - poor kid!!. She's home about 30 mins and throws up - this is the kid that once she starts she cant stop - she has Sean's stomach not mine. She does seem better now though so hopefully it ends there.
Hence, I couldnt go to the airport - I nearly cried but was trying not to show my disappointment. I was so looking forward to it and had it all worked out in my head - you know how you do? Oh wont be long and I will get to see them I suppose but it is rather disappointing. Just goes to show you that "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!".

Til I talk next.....................enjoy your weekend.

Luv ya...........................Sandie

Friday, 24 August 2007

Teach em while they're young!!!!!

Had to tell you this funny little story girlies.

As I have said I have been working about the place getting it ready for our visitors.
Well today the kids had the day off so I figured they could help out a little bit. I don't usually ask them to do much - just their own little chores. Anyway, I asked Tammy to dust the mantle piece and all the photo frames etc on it, because of the fire it creates a lot of dust.
She came to me only a minute into doing the job and said "hey mum, where do you put all the dust?"......................LOL. I tried to keep a straight face and just said "ah, the dust cloth does the job darl, it picks it all up and you just keep dusting away"................LOL. She said "oh!!!!" and proceeded to do the dusting.
Later on she was watching me clean the basin in the bathroom - "gee you really do a good job of the cleaning mum - there is so much to do isn't there?"............hello.................haven't I been saying this for like the last so many years..................LOL.

I must say she did a great job and it was so nice to have the kids help out. Josh cleaned up the front verandah - that is where we keep our wood so it gets rather messy out there and Em decided to opt for outside too and cleaned out the cubby hut - it took her at least 4 hours mind was rather messy - all of their own doing though. Let's see how long they keep it clean this time. They always say "oh we're gunna keep it clean this time mum and dad!!!!"

Well I shall see if I get a chance to pop in tomorrow. Only 2 more sleeps before Mizuki and Kumi arrive.

Luv ya..............Sandie

Thursday, 23 August 2007


I just poped onto the Australian Paper Crafts site and noticed that My Little Green Dress project and Artist & The Stamp project are featured in the latest issue due to hit the newsagents on th 29th August. Must keep an eye out. The only problem is that I don't subscribe to the mag I wait until I get my complimentary copy in the mail with my cheque ..............sometimes its not til early in the next soon as I do I shall pop a picture in.

Luv ya..............Sandie

New project

Dropped a new project off to Kathy at Remember When today. You will have to wait for some pics when they are up on the site.

I was really happy how it turned out. That is all - my lips are sealed.

Just an update............

Well its been a few days since I last popped in to say gidday. So while I have a spare minute I shall just update you on a few things.

I started painting on Monday. Mizuki's mum will be sleeping in our back room which was in desperate need of a paint. I thought I may be able to sugar soap and wipe down and all would be well, but no. So I decided to paint didn't I? Hmmmmmm.................HUGE job but I can proudly say I did it all by myself. The I thought I may as well paint the bathroom door, mirror surrounds, window and vanity unit. Boy..............but wait there's more!!!!!!! Then I thought I'd paint the back toilet. As we live in an old home - over 60 years old, a lot of things need re-doing. Mind you I reckon a lot of the paint work is original. All the other owners of this home didn't bother to do too much at all, including the carpet which we replaced nearly 3 years ago - it was original carpet and thread bare everywhere.........look I could go on and on but I wont.
All is well - I can now stand back and check out my handywork. I tell ya what I reckon I have built up some muscle in my arms and legs.
Oh nearly forgot - I only have the skirting board and small cabinet in the toilet to do then I am done.............that will be tomorrow's job I reckon - bit pooped today.

Kids had Book Week this week and today was dress up in your favourite book character.
Emily went as a clown - looked more like a drunk clown but she was happy. Tammy went as a Japanese girl (cant remember the name of the book) wearing her new Kimono that Mizuki gave her and Mr Josh - he went as is hero Captain Underpants...........he looked funny.
I have some photos on the camera. As soon as I get time I will pop them on my blog.

Well girlies..............I hope all is well in your part of the world.

Take care...................luv ya big heaps Sandie

Saturday, 18 August 2007

What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You?

Ok girlies. Have you ever wondered what your lipstick shape means about you?
Well I have so I googled it and bingo bango up she comes!!!!!

I am a "flat top" and it pretty much sums me up!!!!!

What shape are you?

Pop in and let me know.........luv Sandie

Friday, 17 August 2007

What's on the agenda today.......

Well what's on for today? This morning I am helping to count the money taken for our book fair at school. It was a huge success. We normally go through the Scholastic group however this time the library teacher was approached by a different connection which paid off well I think. Most of the books were under $10.00 which meant for a lot of families that they could afford to buy more than 1 as the Scholastic books can be anywhere up to $50.00 sometimes.

Then we are off for a catch up coffee with some of the mum's from school. Home to do some sort of housework I suppose and then make some sort of sweet to take to an International Dinner we have in our parish tonight.
It should be a fun night. We are going to be tasting Philippine, Italian, SriLankin and Indian cuisine followed by Aussie desserts.....LOL. Should be a fun filled and very tasty night.

Tonight is the start also of the Clayton's Retreat to be held at Little Scrapbook Shop. So if you get a chance pop on in and see what we are going to get up to......should be lots of fun and it goes all weekend.

Have a fab day everyone.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 16 August 2007

My day

Well today I volunteered at Vinnies which was ok. I picked up a few little things for George and Medina's baby. I will just have to wash them up and give them to them.

Picked up a beautiful pram, bassinet, baby bath and cot from a family that just lives around the corner from us. She was happy to see them going to a family who needed them. The look on Medina's face was priceless. No doubt she will have them all out tonight checking them out!!!!!

Off to STARS tonight ............not looking forward to that as it will only tell me what I already know...........I've put on weight!!!!!! Oh well must hang in there...........(keep telling myself that anyway)

Received an email from Mizuki today - he had sent it at 4.10 am Japan time.............said he couldnt sleep as he was so excited to be coming here. Isn't that nice? I'm just as excited too.

Trying to clear out our back room so Mizuki's mum can stay in there. We have an old home, its one of those homes that the back part of the house was filled in and a sunroom built on IYKWIM, old weatherboard home. We love it but I tell ya what it could do with some work.
Oh well..............Mizuki survived his time here so I'm sure his mum will too.

Well I must away.

Catch you all.............stay safe, stay happy!!!!

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Such a busy day......

Well I've had such a busy day today - but a good one though.

Firstly I dropped the kids off and took off for Fountain Gate - No spottings of Kath & Kim.....LOL, however, as I was walking out of BigW I spotted the one and only Fleur and we ended up catching up over a cuppa......that was so nice.

I managed to pick up some cloth nappies at BigW for our Sudanese friends whose baby is due in October. Medina is starting to "nest" as they say so it is nice to be able to help them wherever I can. I am going to take her shopping over the next week and start to get all the little bits and pieces together. A lady from our church has kindly donated a pram, cot, baby bath.......and other bits and pieces. George and Medina are just so pleased with the support.
Boy I am getting excited about seeing this baby - its going to be so gorgeous. Lots of cuddles from Auntie Sandie whether they like it or not!!!!!!!

Had our school Book Fair this afternoon - that is being held morning and afternoon all this week. Some great books for some great prices too so that is a bonus.
Came home to cook meatloaf and vegies, Tammy had a friend stay for dinner which was nice and then I dropped her home and came back to cook Banana Walnut Bread which is fab.....I must put up a recipe soon, and then I baked some Choc Chip Biscuits.....yummo!!!! Something for school lunches.

Just received anothe email from Mizuki - think he is getting rather excited about arriving here again.......cute kid.

Now I suppose I had better get to bed.

Take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 13 August 2007

This is Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to share this story with you girlies as it is just gorgeous.

I was driving home from school drop-off the other morning when I saw this mother walking along and about 20 meters ahead was her son who was pushing a wheelchair going rather fast. As I passed the boy pushing the wheelchair I noticed the person in the wheelchair - a young man, waving and laughing and oh so happy. I would say he probably had cerebal paulsy (sp??). It was one of the best sights I've was this young kid pushing like crazy and the young man couldn't have been happier. I think I was meant to see that you know...............this was another treasured memory!!!!!

A Visit to Fleur's Place

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit Fleur and take part in a little workshop as part of the launch for the Mini Catalogue. It was so much fun. I just love Fleur's work and always admire it, she is very talented. We got to have a look at the latest products which are on the "must have" list. Fleur's samples using these new products are just stunning!!!!! Good enough to eat!!!!!
Fleur also gave us a little goodies bag each, she also showed us how to make the little goodie bag which was very simple but "oh so cool"........must get making some for Tammy's birthday next month.

So keep an eye out for the catalogue - you wont be disappointed.

Luv Sandie

A Taste Of Africa

On Saturday night we were invited to our new friends house. The young Sudanese couple that we met at mass invited us to share an african meal with them.
We were thrilled to receive the invite. They have been coming to our home for fish and chips most friday nights so this time it was their turn to host us.
George was very proud to invite us in and share the meal and gave a small speech at the start. He was very grateful for the the help we have given them since coming to Australia and is very keen to learn our ways.

Just before we started the meal we were told that we would be using our fingers instead of utensils. Wow that is something different. We tried many different dishes all of which were very nice. The best would have to have been a variation of Spring Rolls. They had minced meat, peas, beans, capsicum and garlic. They were very nice.
The africans also make this type of flat bread. The idea is to break off pieces of the bread and use it to pick up the different types of food. It also doubled as a way of cleaning your plate up nice and clean......LOL.

We have been very muli-cultural in our house lately. Its so nice to learn about other customs and cultures.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Step by Step Challenge at Little Scrapbook Shop

Here is a journal I made for the Step by Step challenge that Tash set over at LSBS.

I am going to keep my ideas and swap/challenge details in here. I have had a habit of jotting things down on scrap pieces of paper and then losing them. This way I will be able to refer to my journal and keep adding pages as I need them.

Thanks for the idea Tash.

Luv Sandie

Some Cards Created Over At Crafting In Style for the Pyjama Retreat

Here are some sets of cards I completed for one of the Challenges at Crafting In Style.
It was a class held by Liz called a Cosmo Cricket Card Class. I didn't have any Cosmo Cricket pp so I just used what I had. I must say that the class was stacks of fun.

Had to share with you.

Luv Sandie

Little Scrapbook Cybercrop Challenge 1 Card Sketch

Here are some cards that I made over the weekend using a card sketch over at Little Scrapbook Shop Card Sketch.

I usually like to complete 2 or more cards when I do one of the challenges as it helps build up a nice stash of cards plus I just love to make cards.

Thursday, 9 August 2007


Well I am stoked. I just received another email from Mizuki. He was wondering if it would be possible to stay with us again at the end of August 28th til 9th September............well let me think....................YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I sent off an email saying yes and the next thing we get a phone call from his dad confirming if it would be ok. I am totally excited. Can't wait to tell the kids in the morning.

His father has a business partner who will be travelling over here then and Mizuki gets to come along as!!!!!!!!

My head is spinning of all different ideas.

Had to share with you..

Luv Sandie

Last Page of Our Family Album

Our Family Album

Our Family Album

Our Family Album

Our Family Album - Scalloped Album for Remember When

My First Project for Remember When as a "Barn Girl"

I really enjoyed working with these card kits.
You can check them out at Remember When Thanks for looking. Luv Sandie

Oooo, oooo, oooo.................

Oooooo, we are very excited. Mizuki just sent
us an email to say that he is home safe and well.
He was very disappointed because customs
took the jar of Vegimite that we gave him.
Oh well he will just have to savour the memories
of it. He had it on his sandwiches every day and
loved it.

So glad he let us know. I did ask him to but I
thought he would be too tired. Great kid!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Happy 12th Birthday Emily

Here is Emily's 12th Birthday Cake - it was her order for me to make - Strawberry Shortcake which I had never made before. It is basically a glorified scone I suppose - very crumbly but very yummy.
I also made this card for Em last night and it got her eyes a poppin - she just loves strawberries (in case you didn't know........LOL).

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Oh, How nice!!!!!

Diana (the lady who organized the Home Stay for the students) gave us a ring this afternoon to say that the boys all set off on the plane from Tullamarine. She just wanted to check how I was going as I was very upset. Thankfully Sean answered the phone or I would have been crying again. Thought that was a lovely thing to do though.

Still miss him. I forgot to mention before that one night when we were sitting down for dinner Sean mentioned to Mizuki how pleased we were to have him stay with us - he was quite shocked I think and then I went on to say to him that he and his family we were welcome anytime. He was amazed.

Last night we had a send off meal at the school. That was really nice. All the host families, students, teachers etc. Mizuki had handed each of us a small piece of origami paper and we had to write what our dreams were (as in the future). We then had to pin these dreams to a tree and Mizuki's was on there too. I only just read it as I was preparing dinner tonight. He wrote "to one day live in Australia"............of course I started to cry again didn't I? Big sook I am!!!!!

We also said something else to him while he was here. I said "Mizuki - I reckon we are going to give you a middle name. How about "Mizuki Downey Fujita"..........he instantly smiled and looked very gotta luv him.

Ok off I go again...........time to go...........take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

Sayonara Our New Friend

Well the day arrived quicker than I thought. We just dropped Mizuki off at the bus at school for the long journey home to Japan. Tears are running down my face as I type this.
He is such a fine young man. Josh and Mizuki have become very close - just like brothers. Josh is going to be a little lost for a while I think. They shared a room and became great mates.
I must say that it was like having a son - it was such a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

At the early hours of this morning (my eyes are hanging out now) I put together a scrap book of photos taken while Mizuki stayed with us. We gave it to him this morning and he loved it.

Well I suppose I had better try and cheer up a bit.

I have got lots to catch up on with Blogs and Forums - everything has been put on hold a bit in that department.

Have a great day everyone.

Luv your friend Sandie