Thursday, 26 April 2007

Had a great day today!!!!!

Well girlies, I had a great day today.

The morning was taken up with typing out instructions for My Little Dress/Handbag which is to be published in APC magazine in a few months. I figured out it was a lot easier making the dress than actually having to work out dimensions of dress etc........LOL.
The I popped into the florist where I sell my cards - Flowers by Jo. I hadn't been in there since Valentine's Day so since then I have sold 27 cards which is pretty I collect $108.00 next week.....that will come in handy.
Popped into the newsagents before picking up the kids from school to find another set of my cards in APC #64 - nice surprise.

Weighed in at STARS tonight and lost 300grams which is a bonus for me lately.
Sold one of my cards to one of the new girlies there, she didn't know I made and sold cards and was rather that was nice.

Planning to go shopping tomorrow, hopefully for clothes......they are feeling the pinch lately, so fingers crossed I can find something decent.

Bye for now......luv Sandie

i"ve Been Tagged

Ok, here I go - i have found out from a few people that I have been tagged. Well this is all new to me so here I go.........a few things about me.

1. I am 38, married to my best friend Sean - our anniversary is on the 30th April and that will be 13 years up - wow that's flown.
2. I am a stay at home mum to 3 great kids - Emily who turns 12 in August, Tammy turns 11 in September and Josh turns 9 in November.
3. My no.1 passion is to make/sell/give handmade cards I have had several published in Stamping & Papercraft and Australian Paper Crafts magazines.
4. I am a Piscean and I am a romantic at heart to the point of being ridiculous....oh well!!!!
5. I worked in the National Bank for nearly 10 years (where I met Sean) and haven't returned to the work force just yet. Waiting for the kids to be self sufficent although Em is off to secondary college next year and that wont come cheap so may have to find part time job....pooh cack.
6. One of my favourite things to do is to go to a beautiful cafe, we have a fantastic one in Pakenham on Lakeside and to share a latte and a big FAT piece of cake.
7. I have PCOS and find it to rule my life - I should lose weight for health reasons although the d isease is partly to blame for weight gain......hmmmmmm.
8. I luv to make people happy and try to be happy and positive myself, but we all know we have those days....but today is a good one, so I'm rolling with that!!!!!.

Well I think that will do for now - don't know how many secrets I was supposed to share but that will do for now anyway....LOL.

So this is where I get to tag someone else.........ok Wirg, Trace, Kim, Relsi, Lavs, Celeste and lucky last Lisa .........phew........time for a cuppa!!!!! Luv Sandie

Saturday, 21 April 2007

My Heidi Grace Competition Win

Here we are - this is my prize that I won in a
recent Heidi Grace Competition through Australian
Paper Crafts Magazine. I had to say in less than
25 words what my favourite HG range was.
I stated that the Vineyard Range (mauves/greens)
was my fave, and I won..........I got a phone call
from Jessica about 2 weeks ago to say that I'd won
I was so shocked...picked it up from the post office
yesterday...couldn't believe how much was in there
chipboard, flowers, ribbons, pins, buttons, stickers
vellum......all sorts of goodies.

StampinUp Techniques Booklet - Cards

I was flicking through the lastes Technique Booklet from StampinUp and decided to use the
sample cards as ideas to go by to create my own
cards using much the same ideas slightly changed here and there.....I was happy how they turned out.

Dame Edna Party - Funny Photo Challenge

This is the second card I made using one of the funny
photos in the gallery at The Stash. The photo was
of a pair of white shoes with umbrellas over each shoe
very silly photo but it was in red/white so I opted to
make a mothers day in red/white.

Dame Edna Challenge - Funny Photos

Ok here is a card I made last night at the Dame Edna
Party over at The Stash. I popped some funny photos
into the gallery and everyone had to be inspired by
one of them and create a card/layout or OTP. I was inspired
by the funny photo with a lady with yellow shoes, orange
raincoat over the shoes (yes!!!) and a red handbag. SU
stamps and red/orange ink, red/white/yellow cardstock.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Hello Possums!!!!

Here I am possums......all frocked up and ready
for a fun night over at The Scrappers Stash.
Come along and join in the fun.......there will
be lots of laugh - I think I'm one of them!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

A little bit excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to share my news girlies......I had two emails from Australian Paper Crafts magazine to say that my little green dress/hanger and handbag have been accepted for publication. On top of that a set of 3 cards I made on the weekend have been accepted too.
Plus next month and the following month I have cards appearing in the same mag..............I am so pumped and just had to share my excitement.

Saturday, 14 April 2007


I asked Em
and Tam if
they'd like
to join in the
Kids Challenge
at LSBS...this
was the first
time I actually
asked them...
of course they
said yes....I am
so proud how
these cards
turned out.
They took
so much time
to do them...
but they were
so proud of


Here are some of the shots I took at the park
last week when we met mum and dad for lunch.
The day was absolutely perfect......happy how
the shots came out too.
I completed this layout for a challenge over at

Our Little Miracle

Here is a layout of my nephew, Kai Jacob.
I took this photo on Thursday - the day we
left mum and dad's after a few days holiday.
He had this surfie type t-shirt on navy with pink
writing - this was for a challenge at LSBS
Cybercrop - I just luv these photos!!!!!

Layout - Sanded and Squares

Here is a layout I completed also for the Sanded
and Squares Challenge. I kept this one fairly
simple as I just luv these photos and wanted
them to speak for themselves.
Stamps by StampIt and StampinUp, white signo
pel for doodling and journalling. Sanded photos
and added two square brads to each photo.

Sanded and Squares

Ok for this challenge we had to use squares and sanding.
So I stamped some daisies onto square card and then used
the corner punch to give rounded edges - so that would make
it a round square or a square round!!!!! LOL.
I used green white core card and sanded the edges of the
card. Chalking and Versamark were also used.


This is a card I made for a challenge at LSBS.
We worked off a sketch that Cath designed.
I used StampinUp stamps and the famous
Daisy Wheel that I luv to use and burnt orange
jute. Happy how this one turned out.
I never used to like orange, now I luv to
challenge myself.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Layout and Card created over at Crafting In Style

I Won...................

Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh I just read my email to find out that I won a prize.............Tash ran a prize with her on line workshop over at Crafting In Style and my name was drawn out of the hat to have a layout created by I have to find a photo and then I will be able to send it through to Tash to let her do "her thing"............can't wait, very excited......thanks Tash.
Must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the on-line was lots of fun.
I shall pop my layout and card that I completed in here soon.
Luv Sandie

Friday, 6 April 2007

Fleur's Birthday Card

Here is the card I made for Fluer's Birthday -
different colour combo that what I usually
use but I was happy how it turned out -
nice and bright

Easter Bunny Card

Here is a card I made last night for the April Monthly
Card Comp over at LSBS.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Yay for me!!!!!

Gidday girlies, lets just say I'm a little excited!!!!!!!

I just had a phone call from Jessica at Australian Paper Crafts Magazine to say that I won the recent Heidi Grace competition that was in last month's mag............I am totally stoked.
I had to write in 25 words or less which range of HG I liked the it so happens, the range I like is the actual prize pack...........I cannot wait to see it. When it arrives, after drooling all over it, I shall take a photo to share with you all.


Wednesday, 4 April 2007

What's up tomorrow?

Well I am going to be catching up with Fleur at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre for a cuppa in the morning. Fleur will have Lauchie and I will have the 3 kids-so while they are playing Fleur and I are going to have a cuppa.....that should be nice. I have a suspicion that its Fleur's birthday tomorrow that's a bonus.....looking forward to it.
Then we have mass tomorrow night for Holy Thursday. That's about it so far.
Enjoy your day everyone.
(P.S. I shall post a photo of Fleur's card on my Blog tomorrow after I've given it to Fleur)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Picnic in the park

Met up with Mum and Dad at Warragul today at the Civic of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen...........took some great photos for upcoming layouts.........had a great day - nice and relaxing. Kids had a ball. There is a little creek that runs through the middle and a huge hill that Josh just HAD to roll down. All in all.........fantastic and the weather was ideal.

Monday, 2 April 2007

I'm finally done...........phew!!!!!

I finally completed a set of ATC's for a Swap I was in over at LSBS.
The theme was Favourite Quote............I just couldn't get my head
around anything..........but I managed to come up with something.
Forgot to scan it, so when I receive my 16 back, I shall attach a photo
of them altogether.

Not much else happening today. Had a hair cut, the lady cut it a little
shorter than I am used to, but its not too bad - put it this way, I wont
have to mess around with it, that's for sure. Afterwards Tammy and I
did a bit of shopping at Spotlight. Picked up some cheap chipboard shapes
by Bella - packet of at least 20 odd bits for $3.00 - BARGAIN!!!!!
Received a nice cheque for $100.00 in the mail for my recent cards in APC so
that came at a nice time.

Emily went to a birthday party in the city today at Luna Park. None of
our kids had been before, so Em was pumped. She went on every ride
there was to go on she said. Her eyes were popping when she got home -
it was so great to watch her animated little face as she retold the story of
each ride. She definately doesn't take after her mother, I am not a thrillseeker
but she loved it!!!!!!!

Sean and Josh just spent time out in the shed pottering around so they enjoyed
their day too.

Came home to ants wich decided to set up camp on my craft desk.
Now I usually luv ants, but not when they intrude into my space.
Pesky little things, there were hundreds of them.
They seemed to have diminished now, so fingers crossed!!!!!
Bye for now all.

Have a great day tomorrow whatever you get up to.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Happy Easter Card

Ok this is the front of the Easter Card which shows how the egg has cracked......

Happy Easter

This is an easter card that I made today using a template from a kids website.......this is the opened card.......front image to follow.

Delight In Life

Here is a card which I made for a challenge over at The Craft Attic. We had to use something green, some chipboard and some fabric. I used the Delight In Life StampinUp stamp set again....I just luv this set and cant get enough....its just so versatile. I made a suffolk puff for the middle of the flower.....I luv these little things too.