Saturday, 31 March 2007

Silly little story but funny.........

I was in the local photo joint this morning picking up some photos - they have one of those large ball pits for the kids....they asked could they jump in and I said as long as they were well behaved......they behaved alright but rather noisy. I just shook my head at the girl behind the counter and asked her "how do you stand that all day?"...she just smiled.
Anyway, we went out of that shop, took Tammy off to the doctors, she has an ear infection and a little chesty, looked at the pet shop and we were making our way to chemist to fill the script when I noticed something orange in the hood of Tammy's was one of the balls from the pit.............LOL...........she was rather embarassed........."i'm not taking it back mum!!!!" we all walked back in, Tammy through it back into the pit rather quickly and kept going like nothing had happened.........

Set of 5 Canisters for Sale

Ok here is a set of retro canisters that I have for sale also..........I repainted the kitchen and unfortunately they just clash......the price is $80.00 for the set - ....I dont really want to part with them...but out they go!!!!!
Let me know via email if you fancy them....ta........luv Sandie

More stamps for sale

Ok here is the second instalment of stamps for sale
boy - I made a bit of a mess when I stamped
these but you get the general idea of what
they look like at least.
Please let me know if you would like any via
Thanks Sandie

Girl with Wagon - SOLD
3 Birdhouses - SOLD

Stamps For Sale

Ok everyone here is the first instalment of stamps for sale.....if you are interested in any let me know via email - thanks.
Girls stuff $5.00
Teapot $6.00 SOLD
Teddy holding flowers $8.00
Teddy with wand $10.00
Teacup $4.00 SOLD
Basket $5.00
Friendship Warms the Heart $3.00
Square Floral Frame (PSX) $10.00
Teddy holding teddybear $8.00
Gollywogs on Shelf $8.00
Button Bee Hive $4.00
Thanks Sandie

Some goodies for sale.........

Gidday everyone, pop back in later on this arvo...........I am going to have some of my stamps for sale and a few other to you then.......luv Sandie

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Weekly Challenge at LSBS

Here is a set of 3 cards that I completed for a weekly challenge set by Deanne - design team member over at had to be "green" I am pleased how these came out.
And of course my fave colour is green so it was even more appealing to have a go.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Here is a layout I did over at LSBS for a Weekly Design Team Challenge. I am happy how it turned out and it didn't take too long either.

Something Old, Something New!!!!!

Well here we go everyone - here is the before and after shots of the old kitchen dresser I have had sitting around for over 9 years.
I tell ya - it was worth the wait.
I have simply added a couple of coats of paint and then sanded back to give it the loved look.
A lot of the treasures on the dresser were my Nan's and have lots of sentimental value to me.
This is what I look at each time I sit at our kitchen table - it doesn't get much better than that!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Well we were all tearing around getting ready this morning for school, nothing out of the ordinary there.........tried to find the keys, no go.........arghhhhhhhhh..........rang Sean at work.........he has them in his pocket doesn't he!!!!!! Very handy.........and of all the days for it to be raining, yes it had to be today........tried to find my coat and the car.............rang a friend from school and she kindly came to pick the kids up for me...........see..........friends are the bestest people in the now all the plans I had for today have changed, so I have decided I may just do some catching up on the forums and spend some time creating today...........really looking forward to it.

Whatever you get up to today, I hope its a good one..............oh and I'm off to Fluer's house tonight for a workshop and I'm a little excited about least I'll have my keys back by then......LOL

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Weigh In

Ok weighed in again at STARS this Thursday and managed to lose 300 grams which I was very happy about as I was still partying after my birthday last went from last Tuesday right through to this Tuesday..........I'm all partied out.

Saturday, 10 March 2007


Finishing off the laundry painting today - hopefully. Not much else planned.
Hoping to get some creativity done - I really miss it so if I happen to make something
I will share it with you.

Tomorrow we are off to the city to the Sth Melbourne Market - its a great "little" market - not big like Vic Market so that will be nice.

What ever you get up to - have fun!!!!!

Luv Sandie


Dropped kids off at school yesterday and I was buzzing around doing different things here and there and ran into the principal. He asked what the Downey's were up to tonight (as in Friday) I just said the usual - fish and chips. He then went on to ask if we would fancy going out - well yeah!!!!!! He had been given some free tickets to the stage show "Annie" - the mayor of Pakenham gave them to him. So we scored 5 free tickets for our little family to go.

I was so pumped all day and so looking forward to going. I just luv live stage shows and this was a golden opportunity.

It was at our new Cultural Centre on Lakeside by the local performing arts company.

So off we all went at 8.00pm rather excited.

For most of the night I had tears in my eyes - it was just beautiful. The acting and singing was fantastic - they truly did an amazing job.
The girl who played Annie goes to the local High School - she is 12 years old and we just fell in luv with her straight away - she opened with a song and it just gave you goose bumps.

I have been pottering around the house this morning singing away to myself. The kids are cleaning their bedrooms so they can watch the movie of Annie..........lets see how long it takes them to clean up this time.


Well weighed in on Thursday night after some serious partying and to my surprise I gained all up I'm thinking that's pretty good.....much watch things this week though.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

One Year Older

Well here I am - one year older after a fantastic fun filled birthday yesterday.
It was all go - morning tea with the girls, lunch with the girls, afternoon tea with the kids and more friends and then Sean's mum kindly cooked a beautiful dinner followed by my all time favourite cake Ginger was such a great day, lots of phone calls and lovely gifts and lots of gorgeous handmade cards from my family, friends and online girlies.
And then again today......... a friend also shares the same birthday as me so she picked me up this morning and we headed to a little town about 15 mins away where there is a gorgeous little antique/gift shop. We had a lovely browse around and then walked up the street and had lunch in an old fashioned bakery. It was so nice to catch up with her as I am guaranteed plenty of good old belly laughs everytime.

Tonight after school mum and dad and my sister are due to arrive for a cuppa and catch up for both mine and dad's birthday (his was on Tuesday) so that will be beaut.

Not only am I one year older, but I have a suspicion I may be a few hundred grams heavier going by what I have eaten over the last couple of days with all this partying.........oh well .....just as well we only have our own birthday's once a year............shall let you know how my weigh in goes tonight at STARS - it had to be tonight of course didn't it? LOL

Well that's about all I have to report - still finishing off painting the laundry - have had quite a few distractions this week so its been a bit tricky to get finished.

Oh I have to fill you in on this one last thing then I had better go and pick up the kids (I suppose LOL) - I got all organised this morning before school and thought before I venture out for the day I shall put a load of washing on (the machine is still connected in the laundry - just as well)
So I put the load on and about 5 mins later hear this loud water flowing - I forgot that I took the hose out of the sink so I could paint the sink...........there was water going everywhere and lots of arms and legs flying and towels been thrown down to sop it all up..........had to laugh though.........the kids had a good laugh at my expense too.

I am still getting around to some photos to upload, I have one of the kitchen dresser (before and after shots), and I will nearly have one of the finished laundry (before and after) and some of my beautiful cards that my friends have made me.

Have fun everyone - dont forget to so something for yourself either today or tomorrow......its good natural therapy - so hop to it.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 4 March 2007

I won a prize

Gidday I just popped over to 123 Challenge to discover I won a prize as!!!!
Its a monthly pack from Little Scrapbook Shop.
(I must work out how to put references for these sites.........I shall go and have a play with my blog and see if I can work it out).

Pulled up very sore today after prepping the laundry for painting - all day yesterday. Sean helped me with painting the ceiling.........second coat on that tonight and then I shall be able to get stuck into the walls...........thinking I might go for one feature wall in green and the rest is in an off white/taupe type colour - not very good at explaining colours but you will see a photo when I'm done.

I just luv our house as it has lots of charachter, being old and all. In our laundry we have the old double trough and an old cupboard where the ironing board is stored - just swing open the door and out she comes.....its a little ripper!!!!

Bye for now everyone........luv Sandie

Friday, 2 March 2007

Weigh In

Gidday girlies, well I had my weigh in at STARS last night - managed to lose 100 grams, hoping for a bit more as I was really good, however, happy I am heading in the right direction.

Have been busy this week with painting - purchased some new handles for the dresser that I painted a couple of days ago. Now I have decided to keep going with painting so I am doing the laundry and the back verandah too.............big job but it will look so nice.
When we moved into our home it was all painted pink including the I like pink, but really...........they took it a little too far. I must take a before and after shot.

Not much planned for this weekend other than painting.

Sean has his Woodwork Forum BBQ to go to tomorrow and sunday, one of the girls is going to her friends house from 10 til 5 tomorrow, and the other is heading to a that will just leave Josh and I...........he will be pleased..........a bit of peace and quiet.

Have a good one everyone.........luv Sandie