Thursday, 29 November 2007

Little Christmas Plum Puds

Ok.........loosen your belts..........cause you're gunna need to. These little devils are so yummy you can't stop at just one.............LOL.

They are made by using Chocolate Royals some melted white choc melts, jaffas and some green jubes cut into shapes of leaves. They are the quickest things to make and an ideal plate to take to any Christmas function.

Go on try some.................everyone loves them.

(I made these for the Little Beaded Christmas Tree Workshop at my place the other night.......everyone loved them!!!!!)

Luv Sandie

Australian Paper Crafts Issue No. 71

My cards are in the latest issue of APC girlies.

I made these cards using a new stamp set by Paper Forest Designs and a torso manequin.

Here is the photo I took of the cards before I sent them off for publication.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie

Remember When - My First Tutorial

If you get a chance pop over to Remember When. I put my first tutorial up in the Blog of how to use Acrylic Stamps. I have heard a lot of people - mainly Scrapbookers, often say that they wouldn't know what to do. It doesnt get much easier than working with acrylic stamps.

Here is the card I made in under 10 mins - very simple.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Proud as punch

Well yesterday there was an assembly at school first thing.

It was the announcement of the School Captains male/female and the House Capatains.
Our Em was elected as the head of the Green House - "Hunt" house. She was so proud of herself as were we - I was shaking so much...........and I just happened to have my handy dandy camera on hand. Actually it was funny - the school gave me a ring on friday and said to keep things under my hat - but it would be a great idea if we could make it to assembly on I was prepared - there were no guarantees that Em or Tam were going to be elected but we went along anyway.

Good on ya Em.

Luv Sandie

What a great night!!!!!

Last night was my little workshop for the Little Beaded Christmas Trees.

It was a hit. I had Cindy and her mum(it was great to finally meet them), Judy, Fleur and later on Cathy popped in. Unfortunately Lorrie couldn't make it - but there will be other crafty workshops thats for sure!!!!!

Everyone made 10 little trees oh and even the kids - Em, Tam and Josh made a tree each too (this was a bonus as I had said no in the first place - but they are such little cute things)

Today I am off to Warragul to pick up another order of trees - boy these things are in demand.
Once some of the school teachers saw them they wanted some for their students to make for christmas projects which is an excellent idea as they are so, so easy.
I am going to be catching up with mum and dad at the same time so that will be great.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 22 November 2007

If the shoe fits.........

Here are some shots of some shoes that I have purchased lately and also polka dots that belong to Tammy..........luv, luv these shoes.

Oh how cute..........

Look at this little fella I found yesterday - only $6.50 its a RUSS brand too.........couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it - on the MUST HAVE list!!!! Too cute

I also found this small set of drawers from Vinnies for $1.00 and another bargain was these owl earrings from Target. I have had my eye on these for a long time the original prize was $12.99 and I got two pair for $1.87 each...........too cool. is the pens image that wouldn't quite fit

Just a few goodies I have purchased lately

I have been saving up a few of the goodies that I have purchased over the last couple of months and thought I would never get around to showing you so I have put them altogether.

Some of them are - some goodies pen/pencils purchased at BigW - really cheap brand - my fave's were the pencils which have a ruler design on them. I also purchased the retro type fabric from Sewing Connection here in Pakenham. The little house is from Vinnies - ready to be shabby chiced, the large button is also one of my fave's - its from Robert Gordon............hmm.......what else ...................a funky little handbag, a makeup purse with old fashined photo - just luv these, oh and some beutron buttons from spotlight - thought these would be great on a card and they are quite large - bit bigger than a 50cent piece.

I have another couple of goodies to show you too...........this will do for now.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Altered Coaster "Gingerbread House"

Here is a coaster that I turned into a little Gingerbread House. I hand cut all card and used a Signo white gel pen to detail all pieces. The little christmas tree is by Alison Ellis Designs

I just inked it up and then added some doodling with the white pen and added some buttons.

For the little gingerbread man I stamped him using Anita's stamp and then detailed him with buttons and puff paint.

This challenge was part of A Secret Challenge held at Scrapbook Capital. Lorrie asked who would be up to the challenge and we just popped our name on a list. We were then sent a raw coaster by Kaiser to create what we wanted to. It was stacks of fun and there were so many different ideas going through my head but I came up with this one.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 17 November 2007

To market, to market........

Drove to Tooradin with the kids this morning. They hold a craft market each year I think - near christmas time usually. The sell handmade, handgrown type stuff and some trash n treasure.
Good little market but it was mighty stuffy inside the little public hall so I didn't last long with the kids. Got some great ideas for crafting one of which is a great little rudolph bag - I will share photo of him later. And then we bought a bag of yo-yo biscuits to eat - very delectible little devils they were.
We then headed along the highway and caught up with Sean at Cranbourne Bunnings for a cuppa..........Bunnings was pumping - as usual.
Home for lunch and then I had a little catnap - I was dog tired for some reason.
Kids are happily playing outside - I can hear heaps of giggling as they are playing with water baloons.
Tonight Tammy is going to a birthday party, I am off to a StampinUp party and Sean is home with Em and Josh. Em and Josh have decided to have their own little party and Em is going to sleep in Josh's newly aquired bunk beds.........lets see how much sleep goes on.

Not sure what's on tomorrows agenda yet.

Have a great weekend everyone - stay safe.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 16 November 2007

I had the bestest morning.

I had the bestest morning today. I drove to Warragul to pick up the huge order of beads and bits for the little christmas trees.

I mentioned to Mum and Dad that I was going so they met me

there and we had a quick shop around and then had the most beautiful Devonshire Tea - mum and dad's was so nice and we had the best little talk. The service at the cafe was excellent - dad said to the owner "that was the first time we came here and it wont be the last" the owner was chuffed. I think its important to encourage and acknowledge when you receive good customer service - cause let's face it - it doesn't happen much these days.

I then popped into a new scrapbook shop in Warragul called "Simply Said". Great little shop - they have set up in an old house - about 100 years old. Its got lots of character - I would love it as a home. They are going to be opening a "Creative Cafe" which originated in the US and is only just hot off the press. Lucky them.

Somehow I think I will be making a few trips to Warragul. LOL.

Then I ducked home to make a baby girl card. One of the teachers from school rang me at 7.30 this morning to ask if I would make a card for one of her student's mums. Isn't that nice.

So here is the card I made.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

My Sketch World Cards

Here are some cards that are on the My Sketch World blog. Pop over and check out some of the other cards too.

A busy day but a good day.

Yesterday was such a busy day but at the same time such a great day.

First up was a Parents & Friends meeting at school. I then ducked home to do a few bits and pieces then headed over to have a cuppa with Sean. At about 11.30 I dropped in on Fleur - that was nice. I always like popping in to Fleur's to see the latest creations - very yummy stuff too.
Then I took the back roads to Bayles to visit Kathy and Remember When to drop off some of my own new creations. I rang before I headed out and Kathy asked me if I'd had lunch yet to which I said "no". Well come on over then Rach is making us lunch. Cool as. When I arrived - perfect timing - my beautiful chicken salad roll was ready. Very yummy.
I got to check out some new bits and pieces that are coming up at Remember When and had a great old chat to the girlies.
Back home to pick up the kids from school, home for a quick bite and then when Sean came home we delivered Josh's singled bed (as we picked up bunk beds at mum and dad's on the weekend) to a friend - he was very excited. Then we dropped off a cot to George and Medina for little (well not so little anymore....LOL) Stephen. I think he will like his new cot as he as been hitting the sides of the bassinett. I must ring Medina to see if he slept last night - fingers crossed. Well I'm getting tired just typing all of this .......lets see what happened next.
Oh I got to sit down and make some more pink cards for the Pink Card Drive - running a little late with these as there has been far too many things on.

That's it I think.......I fell into bed at about midnight and cant remember anything after my head hit the pillow.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Wow its been crazy around here lately.

It has been going crazy in this place lately, hence - not much blogging goin on!!!!!

Last Thursday Josh had a sleepover at school - Grade 3 and 4's. The idea there was to get them ready for any camps during grade 5 and 6 which was a great idea as some of the kids really struggle being away from home. I volunteered to help serve breakfast for the kids on Friday morning. So at 7am we (about 10 parents) served breakfast for about 80 kids.
They had cereal, tinned fruit, toast and juice. It all went off really well. I was amazed at how much some kids ate and at the same time thought that for some kids this was possibly one of the best feeds they may have had in a long time - especially as some kids dont have breakfast before school. So it was rewarding to be able to help.
Josh stayed at school until about 12.30 on Friday and then we picked him and the girls up early to come home and get ready to head off to Orbost for the weekend.

We headed off at about 2pm and had the long 4 hour drive . Arrived in Orbost and went out for fish and chips and Sean's brother's friends house. It was beautiful night - besides the mosquitos that is........they ate us alive.
On Saturday Sean went out with his brother Bill to the farm that Bill works on and they tended to the animals etc and then they got a trailer of wood for us to take home - great start to next winter!!!!!!
The reason we went up to Orbost was for Bill's surprise 30th. Sean did a great job of keeping Bill away from the place all day. We busied ourselves with preparing for the party. It was at another house so that was ok - we could hide most of the stuff.
Then at 6 pm we headed out. Bill was really surprised. He thought he was going to be babysitting his neice and newphews.........but then we all jumped out to surprise him. He was stoked - especially when he saw his mum and dad. They have been on the road for about 7 years now so we get to see them each christams usually, but they made their arrival a little earlier to fit in with the was great.

Yesterday was Josh's 9th Birthday - thank goodness. We have been getting the countdown for a few months now - he had a great day. He had a birthday cake at Orbost and then we dropped into Nan and Pop's on the way home and had another birthday cake................celebrations all round this weekend. It was heaps of fun.

Today I caught up with some girlies for a cuppa which was nice. Had a haircut which was fantastic..........good cut!!!! Tonight I have been finishing off some new projects for Remember When - enjoying every minute of it.........they are pretty cool - you will have to wait to see them.

Tomorrow is craft at school and then I am heading out to Remember When to deliver the goodies.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Here is anothery......

Here is a card I made yesterday - I am loving this colour combo of late.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Here is a new card I made last night

Here is a new card I made last night using a new stamp that I bought at Christina's Crafts before they closed down. It's by Stampington & Co "Ledger Flourish" I just love it.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Cards made for "The Barn" using Kaiser Patterned Paper

These are the cards I made for "The Barn" which were on display at Melbourne Paperific. I made these 6 cards from the one sheet of pp - I absolutley love this paper as the colours are just so rich.

Just wanted to share some of my latest creations at The Barn

If you haven't popped by Remember When - well then you NEED to.

There are lots of new goodies to be seen there. Some of these are my new design for laser cut cupcakes. I have used real sprinkles on some of the cards and glass beads for the others - I had lots of fun making these as I just LOVE cupcakes.

Here are just some of the cards I've made - also have a look at my Slide Show under "Barn Girl Work" there are some bits and pieces in there too that I created for Melbourne Paperific.

Another die cut card

Here I have used a die-cut butterfly, mounted it with ds foam tape for the centre of butterfly I have added 3 red marbly beads threaded with wire and then added beads to the end of the wire for the antennas. I also stamped Autumn Leaves stamps across the bottom of card to which I have also added some little red beads.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Had a great day today

The kids long weekend started today. They had their school disco last night which was great so today we headed off to Warragul to be Civic Park - one of the nicest parks you'll ever see. No camera of course!!!!!
There is a beautiful lilly pond there and a little running river and these gorgeous fountains in a little pond. On the pond today there were the most beautiful ducklings - 9 of them - they were just too cute for words. We had some crumbs left over from lunch so we fed them to the ducklings. Mum had her camera but I wasn't sure how to use it - took some photos of them anyway. I'm thinking I have to pay another visit next week to get some shots myself.
It had been raining just before we got to the park so everything was looking so, so fresh.
The kids had a ball running around and they climbed up the very steep hill and ran all the way down - they wanted to roll but they would have been so wet and not able to get back in the car til they were dry again. Very tempting though.

Tonight is fish and chip night so that's a night off for me - looking forward to it.

Have a good night whatever you get up to.

Luv Sandie

Set Your Love Free - card made using die cuts

Here I have used some die cut wings from Fancy Pants and added some stamps, doodling, beads and sequins. I like this colour combo and haven't used it before.

Christmas Joy - card made using die cuts

Here is a card I made today using die cuts from the Cosmo Cricket "Dutch Girl Alpha-Button Fashions"and See D's stamps