Friday, 2 November 2007

Had a great day today

The kids long weekend started today. They had their school disco last night which was great so today we headed off to Warragul to be Civic Park - one of the nicest parks you'll ever see. No camera of course!!!!!
There is a beautiful lilly pond there and a little running river and these gorgeous fountains in a little pond. On the pond today there were the most beautiful ducklings - 9 of them - they were just too cute for words. We had some crumbs left over from lunch so we fed them to the ducklings. Mum had her camera but I wasn't sure how to use it - took some photos of them anyway. I'm thinking I have to pay another visit next week to get some shots myself.
It had been raining just before we got to the park so everything was looking so, so fresh.
The kids had a ball running around and they climbed up the very steep hill and ran all the way down - they wanted to roll but they would have been so wet and not able to get back in the car til they were dry again. Very tempting though.

Tonight is fish and chip night so that's a night off for me - looking forward to it.

Have a good night whatever you get up to.

Luv Sandie

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