Thursday, 15 November 2007

A busy day but a good day.

Yesterday was such a busy day but at the same time such a great day.

First up was a Parents & Friends meeting at school. I then ducked home to do a few bits and pieces then headed over to have a cuppa with Sean. At about 11.30 I dropped in on Fleur - that was nice. I always like popping in to Fleur's to see the latest creations - very yummy stuff too.
Then I took the back roads to Bayles to visit Kathy and Remember When to drop off some of my own new creations. I rang before I headed out and Kathy asked me if I'd had lunch yet to which I said "no". Well come on over then Rach is making us lunch. Cool as. When I arrived - perfect timing - my beautiful chicken salad roll was ready. Very yummy.
I got to check out some new bits and pieces that are coming up at Remember When and had a great old chat to the girlies.
Back home to pick up the kids from school, home for a quick bite and then when Sean came home we delivered Josh's singled bed (as we picked up bunk beds at mum and dad's on the weekend) to a friend - he was very excited. Then we dropped off a cot to George and Medina for little (well not so little anymore....LOL) Stephen. I think he will like his new cot as he as been hitting the sides of the bassinett. I must ring Medina to see if he slept last night - fingers crossed. Well I'm getting tired just typing all of this .......lets see what happened next.
Oh I got to sit down and make some more pink cards for the Pink Card Drive - running a little late with these as there has been far too many things on.

That's it I think.......I fell into bed at about midnight and cant remember anything after my head hit the pillow.

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Cindy said...

PHEW ! I'm tired after just reading all that...