Monday, 12 November 2007

Wow its been crazy around here lately.

It has been going crazy in this place lately, hence - not much blogging goin on!!!!!

Last Thursday Josh had a sleepover at school - Grade 3 and 4's. The idea there was to get them ready for any camps during grade 5 and 6 which was a great idea as some of the kids really struggle being away from home. I volunteered to help serve breakfast for the kids on Friday morning. So at 7am we (about 10 parents) served breakfast for about 80 kids.
They had cereal, tinned fruit, toast and juice. It all went off really well. I was amazed at how much some kids ate and at the same time thought that for some kids this was possibly one of the best feeds they may have had in a long time - especially as some kids dont have breakfast before school. So it was rewarding to be able to help.
Josh stayed at school until about 12.30 on Friday and then we picked him and the girls up early to come home and get ready to head off to Orbost for the weekend.

We headed off at about 2pm and had the long 4 hour drive . Arrived in Orbost and went out for fish and chips and Sean's brother's friends house. It was beautiful night - besides the mosquitos that is........they ate us alive.
On Saturday Sean went out with his brother Bill to the farm that Bill works on and they tended to the animals etc and then they got a trailer of wood for us to take home - great start to next winter!!!!!!
The reason we went up to Orbost was for Bill's surprise 30th. Sean did a great job of keeping Bill away from the place all day. We busied ourselves with preparing for the party. It was at another house so that was ok - we could hide most of the stuff.
Then at 6 pm we headed out. Bill was really surprised. He thought he was going to be babysitting his neice and newphews.........but then we all jumped out to surprise him. He was stoked - especially when he saw his mum and dad. They have been on the road for about 7 years now so we get to see them each christams usually, but they made their arrival a little earlier to fit in with the was great.

Yesterday was Josh's 9th Birthday - thank goodness. We have been getting the countdown for a few months now - he had a great day. He had a birthday cake at Orbost and then we dropped into Nan and Pop's on the way home and had another birthday cake................celebrations all round this weekend. It was heaps of fun.

Today I caught up with some girlies for a cuppa which was nice. Had a haircut which was fantastic..........good cut!!!! Tonight I have been finishing off some new projects for Remember When - enjoying every minute of it.........they are pretty cool - you will have to wait to see them.

Tomorrow is craft at school and then I am heading out to Remember When to deliver the goodies.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

Busy busy ! We've had a birthday too ~ Toby turned 13 on the 10th.

Can't wait to see what you've done for RW. I've submitted lots of stuff that hasn't been put up yet, so every time I check the site I'm anxious to see if it's something new... (I don't see any of my stuff till it's posted on the web).

Sandie said...

Gidday Cindy, I think Kathy is flat out taking photos and getting things sorted.....shouldn't be too long til we see some new things..........thanks for popping in.........luv Sandie

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

good to hear you had a great weekend Sandie,
Would you mind PM me details about the trees please... i have no idea what, when and where....thanks