Saturday, 31 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 31

Last day of July - last day of Christmas In July challenges.

Today is catch up time. In fact I am going to extend the challenge until

23rd August 2010.

You (and I more importantly) can spend this time to catch up on all of the challenges.

I'm sorry to update the last few challenges a couple of days too late. It's been crazy here of late.
I'm looking forward to sitting quietly and chipping away at the challenges I am yet to complete.

So come on - join in the fun -there is still time!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Friday, 30 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 30

Day 30 - 1 more day to go.

You need to create a Christmas Card following this


You can interpret the sketch how ever you like. (I found this sketch via a google image search)

Don't forget to leave a comment and a link to your card.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 29

For Day 29 you will need to create a Christmas Card with

Die-cuts or the word "December"

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 28

Righto - getting closer to the end.

Day 28 calls for a Christmas Card with

something Recycled, ribbons or rubons -the choice is yours.

Get creating - have fun.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 27

Day 27 and you will need to create a Christmas Card with

an Angel or anything else you can think of starting with "A"

Good luck and have fun creating.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 26 July 2010

Some of my latest Op-Shop finds

On the school holidays Josh and I had a little op-shop hunting day.  I’ve been hanging onto them for a while now to show you – here they are

op shop finds b op shop finds
op shop findsa opshop finds

How’s the old Bingo set – it was only 50cents, old patterns 50 cents, old mix master cover, red/white gingham, vintage fabric tape 50 cents and some old books/frames. 

Thanks for dropping in.

Luv Sandie

Our Japanese Visitor Update

Just thought I'd drop in with an update of our Japanese student, Wataru.

We picked Wataru up from school on Friday afternoon. He is such a little dude - fine features and such a gorgeous young man. His English is so, so I suppose but he is learning more and more as he goes along which is great.

He immediately fitted in - what a great feeling!!!!!

We arrived home, showed him around - lots to see in our house - I in paticular am a hoarder so he was looking around and checking everything out..............LOL!!!!

He couldn't believe the size of our house, which by the way isn't large but it is by Japanese standards.

He and Josh are sharing a room and they are getting along famously. Just like brothers!!!

We had our normal friday traditional dinner (or tea as we call it) - Fish n Chips. He loved them - especially the fish.

After Fish n Chips we presented him with a gift - a football. He was pumped!!!!! We sat up to show him some of the friday night football match - StKilda v Hawthorn - so he had a bit of an idea how the game was played. Tammy said that when she saw Wataru in the morning he was sleeping with the football - how cute!!!!

Saturday morning was a get up and go morning. We decided to induct him into the good old Australian tradition of going to a football match. So we were all running around packing all sorts of things. We also took our lunch which was a good idea as it's just so expensive to buy food at the ground.

The boys took the early train so they could stand in the queue and wait for the gaits to open. Us girlies took off an hour later because we were still preparing the lunches etc so thought it was best to stay back and get them all done without having to rush.

As it turns out there were railway works going on which meant we had to stop about half way, change to a bus and then back onto another train and the end of the railworks. I don't know what Wataru would have been thinking at this stage. Mad country this!!!! LOL!!!!!
He would be used to the train system though I suppose. It's a matter of all jumping on in Japan, then the squeeze a few more in, literally squeeze them in and then the doors shut. They also have the fast trains over there, so Saturday would have been nothing I suppose.

We got great seats (we didn't book we just queued up). We had a 2 hour wait until the game ,however, there was plenty going on around us to keep us amused.

We have been to 3 football matches with the kids and all 3 games Collingwood lost so the looks on the kids faces when Collingwood won was priceless. They actually got to sing the Collingwood song which they always sing at home. The atmosphere was great and I have to say the Wataru was really getting into it.

After the game we would normally rush to the train station to jump on a train but instead we just took our time. The boys were loving it as they were having a kick of the footy outside the MCG - along with lots of other dads, sons, mates - all kicking the footy. Everywhere you looked there were footies going every which way. I just love going to the footy - such a great family thing to do and not too expensive compared to most things these days.

We had to do the swap over to the bus thingo on the way home too which meant we got home very late. Hence the big sleep in yesterday morning.
We just had a lazy day pretty much yesterday - the boys were kicking the footy again - of course!!!

So today I dropped them off to school - they were both chatting away in the back of the car working out what they were going to be doing after school. Cool!!!

Christmas In July - Day 26

Day 26 - today's challenge is to create a Christmas Card with one or more of the following

Clip, candles, christmas pudding, chimney

Off you go - your time starts........................NOW!!!!!

Have a great day.

Luv Sandie


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is what I'm saying right now.

I'm sorry I haven't been around the last few days. Besides being very busy with our Japanese student, Wataru, Sean has been working on my computer, unfortunately I have lost a few things (I don't cope with losing things in real life let alone on my computer) but what can you do? A big fat nothing!!!!

So if you were expecting an email from me or I have forgotten anything - PLEASE send me an email as a reminder as I have no memory of what I was up to. I have lost emails for the last 14 months - pooh cack!!!!!

Today is a NEW day so I hope everyone has a good one.

I will pop back in later to give Christmas In July updates and other bits and pieces.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 25

Dav 25 - here we go!!!!!

You will need to create a Christmas Card with one or more of the following

Evles, Enjoy or envelope (mini envelope)

Don't forget to leave a comment to this post with a link to your creation or just drop me an email and I can add it to my blog for you.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 24

Day 24 - nearly at the end.

Today you will need to create a Christmas Card with something a little different

Knitting - now if you don't knit - that's ok - you can just add wool to your card. I'm not even sure what I'm doing yet.............LOL!!!! But I can knit so that is a good start.........LOL!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Friday, 23 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 23

Catching up with posts here (not cards.............LOL).

Day 23 calls for a Christmas card with

Altered Alphas - you need to find an alphabet letter/s and alter it in some way. It could be a raw chipboard letter and you can paint it, cover it with patterned paper, ink it or you may have a letter that is ready to use - maybe you could just distress the edges of it. Once you're done - add it to a card and then leave a comment to show us.

Luv Sandie

BIG day today

It's a big day today in our house.

We are hosting a Japanese Student for 12 days. He arrives this afternoon. We pick him up from Josh's school.

We are all very exciting.

I will share some photos when I can.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 22

Day 22 - I still haven't caught up - but there is still time for everyone to catch up.

Today you need to create a Christmas Card with something

Metal - it can be anything you like - pin, button - anything at all.

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Melbourne Craft & Quilt Show

I travelled in by train today to the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Show which I have to say was fantastic. I couldn't belive how huge it was.

Dropped in to visit Nicole at Craft Queen - I still say Nicole has the best set up - the ribbons are just beautiful. Her mum was helping her out too. They were very busy - as were all the other stalls.

I had a nice little catch up with Vicky and she gave me a nice little present of bits and pieces - thanks Vicky - I looked at them on the way h0me in the train - lovely. Thanks heaps!!!!!

So much to see - soo much to buy - I had a little bit of a spend up and will have some new goodies to play with.

Shall share some goodies over the next few days.

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Day 21 - I have some serious catching up to do!!!!!

For today's Christmas Card you need to create an

Oval shape - it can be an embellishment which is oval, it can be an oval cut from a card (like a window card) - it's up to you. As long as there is something on your card in an oval shape - that's it.

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 20

Day 20 and you will need to create a Christmas Card with

Tinsel, twine , tree or a toy - you may like to use one or more of these.

Have fun and be sure to share with us what you create.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 19 July 2010

Scrapz Biz Noteworthy Challenge 034

Last week's challenge over at Scrapz Biz was to create some cards with a simple sentiment - whether it be a stamp or a die-cut sentiment (not a made up one)
So these are the cards that I created using my fave range once again - October Afternoon. I have used die-cut journalling tags (even the shells once you have pushed the journalling tags out - I just couldn't handle throwing them out either).
Thanks for looking.
Luv Sandie

Looking for a sketch challenge?

If you are looking for a sketch challenge - then jump on over to Scrapville.

I created a card for the June Challenge

I created this card using my all time fave papers - October Afternoon - I used all different ranges from OA. Turned it into a rustic looking card distressing it with ink, ripping it and scrunching it.

Christmas In July - Day 19

Day 19 - here we go.

You need to create a Christmas Card using

Ephemera - I looked the word up and it says: "Ephemera is a paper collectible that was never intended to be preserved, and it can come in the form of greeting cards, newspapers or ticket stubs:'' I think anything that you've collected/recycled would suffice.

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Here is the next instalment from Grandma Jack

Great job GJ - she has detailed which cards are which - good idea.

Plenty of work to inspire us all.

I - ice/snow (3D sticker from Handmade Art)
N - Noel - the word is on the stamped tree (pps Bo Bunny (scraps from last Xmases collection - I forget what it was called!) stamp is pink Paisley Mistletoe & Co Collection)
J - Joy
L - Loveheart. Hearts on pp
Y - yoyo (tree stamp Kaiser - Merry Christmas, rub on sentiment - Kaiser, embossing folder - QuicKutz snowflake)
Good on you for joining in. They look fab!!!
Luv Sandie

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Christmas Stamps for Sale

Stay tuned til tomorrow - I have gone through my Christmas stamps and I have a handful up for sale.

Luv Sandie

Christmas In July - Day 18

Here we are finally - Day 18 (just snuck it in on time for today - sorry it's late)

For today's Christmas Card you will need to create a card with

Music – sheet music (vintage would be great), stamp with music on it, cuttlebug music embossing folder

There you have it - you're time starts now.

Luv Sandie

(P.S. I have been working on some cards today - yay - bout time hey? LOL!!! I shall photograph them tomorrow morn to share them with you)

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Day 17 and you will need to create a Christmas Card with

I - In Fashion (I'm stretching this one a little as "i" is a tricky letter. You will need to find something that is in fashion at the moment in the world of papercrafting - such as - owls, banners, birds, glimmer mist - whatever you are enjoying at the moment. It's up to you!!!!

Have fun - looking forward to seeing what you think is in vogue at the moment.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 16 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 16

Sorry I'm late with today's challenge - computer issues!!!

So for today being Day 16 we need to create a Christmas Card with a

Tag - handmade/handcut or a purchased luggage tag or even a die-cut tag

Just pop back to this post once you have created your cards so we can check it out.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Christmas In July - Updates from Grandma Jack

My friend Grandma Jack has been busy creating some Christmas cards - she doesn't have a blog to share them so here they are
Thanks Grandma Jack.
Luv Sandie

Christmas In July - Day 15

Day 15 - gosh it's going fast.

For today you will need to create a Christmas card with a

Yo-Yo or Suffolk Puff - it can be in fabric or maybe you would like to create one using paper.
(I found this tutorial here if you're not sure what a yo-yo or suffolk puff is)

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chrismtas In July - Day 14

Righto - who has my sheet? Anyone?????

I can't find it - it tells me what today's challenge is..................hmmmm....

Off to have a look - will update soon.

Yes - I found it - only took me til 8pm to find it - I wasn't having a "girls look" obviously..........LOL.

So - for Day 14's challenge you will need to create a Christmas Card with

Love - it could be the word love or love hearts - up to you.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 13

(This is my stamp that I used. As soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it because of it's vintage feel. It's by We R Memory Keepers. I forgot to take the photo of the stamp alongside the card when I took the photo - oopsie. Oh well you get the idea. Oh and I also used one of the ribbons available from Craft Queen)

Ok for day 13 you will need to create a Christmas Card with

Unmounted stamp - you will need to take a photo of your card and tell us which unmounted stamp you used (if you don't have an unmounted stamp - that's ok - just take a photo with the stamp that you have used)

You may also have another "U" word you can think of - if you have - by all means share it with us.

Have a great day.

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 12 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 12

(for my card I have used a burgandy/cream striped pp from my old stash of papers, the stamp is by Stamp-It (i think) I used my Sepia inkpad and distressed the stamped image which was stamped on a mulberry paper. I also created a little banner using scraps of brown cardstock and October Afternoon alphas which I cut down a little to fit the banner)

Yay - Day 12 already!!! No way!!!!! It's going way too fast.

Don't forget you can create and upload your creations as you go and as you get time. Even I'm struggling to keep up..............LOL!!!! No - seriously!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Ok for today you will need to create a Christmas Card using

Joy, Jesus or Jingle Bells

Can't wait to see some creations coming in. All you need to do is leave a comment on each daily post letting us know that you have created something and leave a link to your blog. If you don't have a blog - just email me with a photo of your creation and I can share it with everyone.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Be sure to check out

............the lovely cards Deb has created so far.

Great start to her Christmas card stash.

Don't forget to leave Deb some loving comments.

Well done Deb.

Luv Sandie

Do you have too much time on your hands?????? Do ya?????

Well if that's the case then you need to do something like this

Crazy I tell ya.
Funny though!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Christmas In July Day - Day 11

(This is my card - I have used some of the gorgeous ribbons which are available from Nicole at Craft Queen - don't ya just love this ribbon? It's so regal looking - I couldn't thrown out any little bit so I used the tiniest of pieces at the top as a little tab!!! I also used a Stamp-It Rachel Greig stamp inked up in red and then again in green ink and cut out the "noel" and mounted it using ds foam tape to give dimension. Also used some sticky alphas to spell out Noel. Scenic Route pp at the bottom)

Today is Day 11 - you will need to create a card with

Noel, nativity or north pole - pick one, two or all three - it's up to you.

I finally found some time to create a few cards. Gosh it was good getting back into it - it's been a little while.

If you go back over the days you will see that I've updated some.

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 10

(For my card I used a cheapy stamp that I picked up at a $2 shop years ago. I just coloured it in using watercolour paints and then detailed with kindyglitz to resemble ice/snow - the beautiful gathered red/white gingham is from Craft Queen - yummo)
Happy Saturday morning everyone.

Still sitting here in my pj's - should get going doing something.

Day 10 - you will need to create a card with

I - now that's a tricky one. How about ice/snow or indigo. Or maybe you have another idea you'd like to share.

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 9 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 9

DAy 9 already - today you will need to create a card with

Scallops - anything that resembles a scalloped edge - it could be using a die, ribbon, or button - choice is yours.

(For my card I have recycled - one of my fave things to do. I hung on to last year's Christmas Bon Bons - cut them up and made a card - easy)

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 8

(Here is my card - I have used acetate and used a scallop die (My Favourite Things) and then popped it through the Cuttlebug to give it the circle embossed finish. The Santa Hat trim and the green trim and buttons are by Craft Queen - thanks to Nicole - these ribbons/trims are up for grabs as part of my competition)


Day 8 - you will need to create a Christmas Card with

Acetate or an Angel or an Australian theme - once again the choice is yours!!!!

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 7

Boy do I have some catching up to do. Note to self: get organised!!!!! LOL!!!!

Day7 - you will need to create a card

Merry - you need to creat a card with the word "Merry" on it - how you do it - is up to you.

(For my card I have recycled last year's Christmas Bon Bons. I cut it up, popped it through my Cuttlebug (star pattern) and added some ribbons and staples - that's it - very quick and simple)

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 6

How are we all going? I'm falling behind but today will change that.

Day 6 - we are up to the letter "t"

So you will need to create a Christmas Card

"tearing" some cardstock or paper

(Here is my card using some gorgeous paper by My Minds Eye and Pink Paislee - don't ya just love those little trees? I cut them out and added some double sided foam tape to lift them a little - the brown scallop is cut from the bottom of the patterned paper - you know that bit that we normally cut off and throw away - take a look at this strip next time - it may just come in handy for something!!!!!)

You may also use an edge distresser, the edge of a craft knife or just your finger - it is up to you.

Happy creating

Luv Sandie

Monday, 5 July 2010

Christmas In July – Day 5

Gosh this time is going fast. I seriously need to catch up - I have only created 2 cards so far - but I have plenty of ideas to create my cards - just have to find time.

So for today's challenge you need to

use the following Sketch to create a Christmas Card.

go sketches

(My card has been created using up scraps of patterned paper by Scenic Route and Pink Paisley. I used a stamp by Autumn Leaves)

(This sketch is taken from “Go Sketches” magazine. I purchased this earlier in the year. It is filled with lots of great sketches and fantastic samples from people all over the world – priceless. I quite often go to a sketch when I need inspiration. I reckon this one is a beauty.)

Happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 4

Ok - for day 4 you need to create a card with the following

Ink - simple - use ink and a stamp or just smudge some ink around the edges of your card - doesn't matter either way.
(For my card I used a cloud stencil, inkpad and sponge - I then stamped the little Christmas Tree stamp by Imaginisce using red/green ink. The "be merry" stamp is by StampinUp and I also added some dabs of KindyGlitz to the trees.)

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 3

(I created my card using the cutests paper range by Sassafrass Lass and also stickers by Sassafrass Lass. Other goodies - mixed alpha stickers, kindyglitz and red pearls by Kaisercraft)

For today's challenge you will need to create a card using 1 or ALL of the following

reindeer or recycling or raffia

Have fun.

Leave a comment to this post once you have created your card and a link so we can check out what you've been up to.

Thanks for joining in.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 2 July 2010

Christmas In July - Day 2

Hello peoples!!!!!

I hope you are having a lovely day - I am as I am still in my jammies - goodness me!!!! Best get dressed though as you just never know when someone will pop in or knock at the door.

Okedoke let's get on with Day 2 of Christmas In July.

For today's card challenge you will need to

Create a card with - holly on it somewhere and/or a handmade embellishment.

Here is my card using one of my fave stamp set by "My Cute Stamps".
TIP: I stamped the image onto green, red and blue cardstock - then I cut out different coloured panels of the tree - that way you will have some extras to make up some other quick cards using alternate colours.
The sentiment stamp is by Kelly Panacci - another great Christmas stamp set.

Good luck and happy creating.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I am very excited to announce that Nicole from Craft Queen has kindly donated some lovely prizes for my Christmas In July Challenge.

Here they are

2 ribbon packs - (5 metres of ribbon in each)

(1 beautiful embellishment pack - look at the goodies in here!!!!)

All you need to do to be in the running to win some of these yummies is to create some cards in my Christmas In July Challenge.

Come on - what are you waiting for?

Details can be found HERE

Luv Sandie

Christmas In July - First Day!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Well here we are - it's the kick off day on our Christmas Card journey for "Christmas In July".

Every day I will set a new challenge for you to create a card - we're getting in early with our Christmas cards instead of leaving it all to the very end.........arghhhh!!!!

So for today's card

Create a card using a "Cuttlebug" or dry embossing if you don't have a cuttlebug

(This is my card using my new embossing folder by Tim Holtz - I just love it. I have also used some scraps of ribbon, ric-rac, felt flowers and other bits and pieces - It was funny how this card came together - I was going through my red ribbon stash and found just little bits that I couldn't throw out - I love using up little bits)

You can sign up anytime you like during the challenge and just catch up - as a new day begins I will pop up the new challenge so be sure to keep popping back in to check. I will be playing catch-up myself I'm sure!!!!!

Thanks for joining in.

Luv Sandie


Ok - I have sold 2 stamps so far.
Anyone else interested in these ones?
Prices are listed HERE
Just let me know.
Luv Sandie