Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Look at these little devils - aren't they cute?

Ok I spotted these in a little craft shop recently. The lady was kind enough to sell me her samples which was great. I have showed them to a few people and now I am taking orders for the beads and we are going to be making them at our school craft group and I am having a little workshop at home too. Can't wait. If you drop by my blog and you are interested in ordering any just let me know. I will be ordering next week - probably Wednesday as the little shop will be closed for Cup Day weekend. They are $1.65 each to make - how cute? Too cute!!!!!

Here they are.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Look What I Made Today

Here is a Hand Sewn Bra I made today.

Firstly I drafted a pattern onto white paper and then cut the pattern from Bazzill cardstock.

I then assembled the bra (following one of my own.......but on a smaller scale.....LOL.) and then I hand sewed the cups together and finally added some bling gems, kindy glitz, punches, brads and stamped images.

I was really pleased how it turned out. There are more images under my new Slide File "Altered Items"

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 26 October 2007

What a nice visit.

Well I had a lovely visit from Fleur and Lachie this morning.

We had a cuppa and then I showed Fleur some of my stuff while Lauchie was having stacks of fun wish Josh's cars. He was excellent.

Fleur was kind enough to help me set up Slide which is rather exciting as I have been trying to have a go at it myself for a long time now. I have been playing around with it a bit and I think I am reasonably happy with it............fingers crossed everything goes well.

Thanks Fleur, I had lots of fun.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Had a beautiful morning.

Well I have just had a beautiful morning girlies.

I had a great wonder around Robert Gordon Pottery here in Pakenham with a friend, her daughter and her mum. They have a 20% off sale at the moment. Of course I HAD to force myself to buy a few goodies - a green enamel ladel to fit into my kitchen, a little green wire rack for serviettes, although I think cards might look alright in them too, and a gorgeous ceramic button slightly bigger than a 50 cent piece with a stawberry on it. I will pop some photos up at some stage.
After we'd shopped we sat down for a cuppa and the most gorgeous, yummy carrot was just what I needed this morning.

(I must add here that my morning ended on a bit of a sad note - before I went to Robert Gordon I dropped the car off to be looked at - it has a leek we thought in the radiator - no. It looks like we are going to be up for $400 for one thing $700 for another and possibly $1400 for another thing if they get in and have a look and whatever THAT thing is needs replacing.
I'm thinking a new car might be a whole lot easier..................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Monday, 22 October 2007

Christina's Crafts closing down.

Christina's Crafts in Upwey Victoria are closing down their shop as of Wednesday week.
I ordered a couple of things off the net today and went to pick them up as all goods are 40% off.
I bought a couple of other things while I was there today - there is still quite a lot left in the shop so if you get a chance pop out there for a look or jump on the site.

Luv Sandie

Sean's Woodwork Forum BBQ

Yesterday was a huge day. We held a BBQ for about 15 - 16 woodwork forum dudes. The day was supposed to kick off about 10.30 but the first guests arrived at about 9.20. I was still in my pj's which wasn't a good look so I jumped in the shower and then headed down the street to get some supplies.
By about 10.30 everyone had arrived. It was a great day. The guys usually bring different pieces of wood or projects that they have completed or need some advice about. I actually found it interesting too as they have demo's for different things. Sean has taught himself how to woodturn along with the help of a couple of guys that came along on the day so that was good.
Three of them decided to stay for dinner so we just put the barbie back on again and ate all the leftovers.
One of the guys travelled down from Cairns so Sean offered for him to stay with us which he did. He is a really nice guy and very interesting to talk to and listen to. He headed off this morning. Part of his holiday is to pop in to different guys he has met through the Woodwork Forum so that would be a hoot.
Sean really enjoyed his day and I must admit that I did too.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

I've been tagged by Kayla so here goes.............

oh and here are four people that I would like to tag.

1. Wirg
2. Fleur
3. Relsi
4. HelenJ


Jobs I've Had:
1. National Australia Bank (where I met Sean......ohhhh)
2. Remember When "Barn Girl" - cool job
3. Volunteer Worker at St Vinnies op shop in Pakenham
4. When my nan was alive I used to clean her house each Saturday
and she would pay me - we used to have the best fun (miss you nan)

Movies I (do) Could Watch Over & Over
1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (oh Matthew....LOL)
2. Bridget Jones Diary
3. Pride & Prejudice (Mr Darcy - yummo)
4. Notting Hill

T.V. shows I watch
1. McLeods Daughters (losing interest though - all the good ones are leaving)
2. House (ocassionally)

Places I've Lived

1. Moe - grew up and lived there for 24 years
2. First move once married was to Inverloch - South Gippsland - beautiful beach town
3. Mornington - some of the best scenery in victoria - coastal resort town
4. Pakenham - best place - lived here for nearly 11 years and very, very happy

Favorite Foods
1. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
2. Italian food - just love, love, love pasta
3. Cakes of any description - haven't met a cake I dont like....LOL
4. Twirl chocolate bars would have to be my absolute faves

Favorite Colors
1. Green
2. Red
3. Pink
4. Blue

Places Id Love To Be Now
1. Back at Inverloch walking along the waters edge with Sean and the kids
2. On a little holiday to Geelong - we have had a few little family holidays there and its just beautiful
3. Would love to travel to Tasmania one day
4. Getting pampered in a flash hotel in Melbourne and some shopping - with someone elses money of course

Names I like, but would NOT use for my children (more like the names Sean didn't want.......hmmmm)
1. - Bronte
2. - Meg
3. - Shelby
4. - Joel

Friday, 19 October 2007

21st Card

I was asked to make a 21st Card so I just made this a few minutes ago. Its using Piggy Tales patterned paper and the dress stamp is by My Sentiments Exactly.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

My Little Lanterns by Sandie

These little lanters where a Step-by-Step challenge over at LSBS for the October Cybercrop.

I have used the new AED papers........I made one each for the kids and popped their names on them.

Cards Completed for LSBS October Cybercrop

Here are two cards made using this month's card sketch at Little Scrapbook Shop.

Cards made at The Scrappers Stash

The first card
was a challenge using a normal card, and ATC and an Inchie - that was really good fun. The second card was using a sketch.
This was all part of the Girls Night In challenges.

Some cards I have been making in the last couple of weeks

Here are some cards that I created over the last couple of weeks at Crafting In Style .

Sunday, 14 October 2007

My Little Cupcakes

Here are the photo of the cupcakes I made. I found this recipe in a magazine a few weeks ago. So I got up early on Friday morning - 6am to make the icing. 30 mins later I had it all whipped - sort of a meringue consistancy..........very sticky, yet............very yummy! I had to get them done early as I was going to be in Melbourne all day friday and when I got home there would be no time to spare.

I bought the gorgeous cupcake stand from Robert Gordon Pottery here in Pakenham - now that is a fantastic place to visit.........plenty of MUST HAVE's there...........LOL.

More Photos Of Girls Night In

For each guest I made up a little noodle box - which mind you was quickly put together at 12.30am in the morning...........bit bleary eyed but everyone loved them. I managed to get some free samples from local chemists and popped a lady's razor in each............they were such cute little things. Oh I also HAD to take photos of someone biting into a cupcake so my friends volunteered - gotta luv the icing on the nose shot................all in good fun.

Girls Night In Photos

Here are some photos from the night.

At 6.00am on Friday morning I made the cupcakes and the u-beaut icing to go with it with my new cupcake stand from Robert Gordon - the things we do.

We had such fun dressing up and making pink cards for the Pink Card Drive..........we ended up with 46 made - cool as!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Melbourne Paperific 2007

Wow - what a day............not only did I host a Girls Night In last night but I spent from 9am til 4pm at Paperific. It was fantastic. I was a bit worried how the new venue would go - it was rather tight in places and the lighting was deplorable for most stall holders - but you know us shoppers - nothing stops us!!!!!!!

Caught up with Aunt Trace, Jendo, Shabs, Lyn and met Claire for the first time. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Jen from The Scrappers Stash - she delivered my inchies which are very cute. We all had lunch and sat around the table laughing and chatting away.

I dropped off my cards and projects to AED and they were very pleased.

Popped in to Remember When to check out the girlies stall and to see how my projects/cards looked - everthing looked great. I took a couple of photos although they turned out dark. See if I can salvage one or two so you can have a little lookie.

Well that's it from me on this for now. Tomorrow is another day and I may think of other things to add - but for now................goodnight!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Oh What A Night............

Oh what a night last night was girlies.

I picked up my sister, Maryanne, from the train station about 6.45pm and then all the fun started. We raced home to set up the kitchen into a sea of pink. It looked great.

We had pink tablecloth, napkins, plates, sparkles..........oh the list goes on.

I made a special batch of cupcakes on Thursday night and got up at 6am yesterday to ice them with this "oh so yummy" icing. It took about 30 mins to whip it up - rather icky but rather tasty little devils - thats for sure. I have taken lots of photos of the night but will upload them tomorrow.

We headed off shopping with Maryanne this morning and arrived home mid afternoon - boy can she shop!!!!!!!!! Had a quick cuppa and then it was time to drop her off at the station again................really enjoyed her company and didn't want her to go.

We then went to mass and thenI curled up fast asleep on the floor in front of the fire.

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say it was a fantastic night and we raised $100.00..........very pleased with that.

More info tomorrow - this little black duck is pooped.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Look at dis.............

.....sorry I coulndt help saying "look at dis" that's what my little nephew says and its so, so cute.

Anyway, I decorated one of the new Kaiser Craft Christmas Trees today using the new Alison Ellis Desings PP's in the Christmas Line.

I am really happy with how it has turned out its ready for Melbourne Paperific tomorrow.


Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Monday, 8 October 2007

OTP for AED (Hey that rhymes.....Lol)

Ok here is the OTP frame I made using the new pp from Alison Ellis Designs.

I have used this photo of the kids several times but everytime I do I like it even more.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie

Girls Night In

Well things are getting exciting for my Girls Night In this friday.

I have sent out 11 invitations of which most are coming along.

My sister is travelling about an hour on the train to be here which I am really excited about because she always has something on her social calendar.

Its going to be a big day friday because that is when I'm heading into Melbourne Paperific.......i wont be able to sleep thursday night I reckon due to too much excitiment.

Well things to make, places to be..........bye for now.........luv Sandie

Just a little funny story

I was having a chat to mum on the phone today and somehow we got around to talking about kids at school and the nasty things they can say to hurt other kids.

Mum said when she was at primary school there was this paticular girl who for some reason decided to pick on mum, who was very timid. She came up to mum one day and said "You'll never be an angel because you have too many freckles!!!!".........I just burst out laughing after mum had finished. I'm sure at the time it obviously would have hurt mum's feelings but how she said it just made me laugh.

Luv Sandie

Alison Ellis Designs New Range

I have been completing some cards and OTP's using the New Range at AED. How exciting to get my hands on the new papers. They are definately much, much better in real life. I could eat them they are that yummy!!!!!! (I seem to say that a lot lately - but they are yummy!!!!!)

Here are some cards I made and I'm just waiting for the batteries in the camera to re-charge so I can show you the OTP I made too.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Guess What Tomorrow Is? Back to School

I had to take this photo as the kids shoes were calling out for a photo.

The kids had just polished them - hey just noticed that it is a Bunnings Catalogue they have used.........wonder what Dad would think of that...................LOL.

Back to school tomorrow for the kiddies................we have had a very exciting holidays............into the last term - can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Great Banana Bread Recipe

Here a couple of photos of a great Banana Bread I made today. I make this heaps and everyone always says how yummy it is.

I shall post the recipe tomorrow.

Luv Sandie

Stephen's Special Day

Well today was a very special day in our household.

You may or may not have read last week in one of my posts on my blog that I mentioned George and Median asked Sean to perform a special little ceremony.

Well today was the day.

Normally back home in Sudan George would present Stephen to one of the "Elders" and the elders would speak "words of wisdom" over Stephen while holding his little hand.

So "Elder Sean" did this today. He just stood there and told him what sort of child he would like him to be and what sort of man he would like him to see grow. It was just beautiful and I had tears in my eyes (of Then George asked me if I would like to hold Stephen and speak about something - I did and was very emotional and then the kids took a turn too.

Then we all sat around the kitchen table and had a little afternoon celebratory feast.

It was just beautiful.

I took a couple of photos of Sean holding Stephen. Poor old Sean got a little choked up there at one stage and I thought I may have to step in..............priceless!!!!!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

And here is one of Medina and Stephen

I really like this shot even though it is a little fuzzy.................

The lastest shots..............

Here are some more shots of little Stephen and his family.

Cute little fellas.................

Ok just had to share these with you. I was shopping last week in Safeway and was walking up and down every aisle just having a sticky beak as I like to do ocassionally. I stumbled across these ever so cute toothbrush covers.

Here a couple of shots.

I Love Elsie!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had some bits and pieces of leftovers - ribbon, ricrac, patterned paper etc and thought what could I do with them rather than just throwing them out.

So I came up with this little tag I suppose you would call it...........I might just add a bit of ribbon to the top and hang it from my door.

Here it is...................I have used Love Elsie "Jack& Abby" clear stamps............they are too yummy!!!!!!

You know when.................

you've just gotta have something. You don't know why - you just know if you dont buy it then you will regret it later or you simply cant stop thinking about it.

Well that was me yesterday. I was at the op-shop from about 12.30 til 4.30 yesterday with the kids. They found some treasures but I found a few of my own, one of which is this cute little bag.

The kids asked me "what are you going to do with that mum?" I just said "I don't know, I've just gotta have it!!!!!" And I did.

Its only little - it fits in the palm of my hand............cute little thing. I may alter it a little bit one day........but for now..........well I'm just going to hang it out in my craft space and admire it.

It brings a smile to my face when I see it - so that's got to be good!!!!!


Well what's on today? We went for an early morning walk again...........I am very grumpy in the morning so it takes me a while to start waking up and actually being civil!!!!!!!!!

Kids are watching a DVD and I'm trying to sort through the many Swaps etc that are overdue so I can get them done - hopefully today. I hate holding things up for others but this household has been a little crazy the last couple of months. So fingers crossed I will get them done.

Vegie patch is looking good and we had a good drop of rain yesterday so we didn't have to water which is a bonus. Sean bought some strawberry plants home from Bunnings so they will have to be planted today.

We are heading out tonight for tea to one of Sean's mates from Bunnings. That should be nice - hey if I dont have to cook - that is a bonus!!!!!

Well enjoy your day everyone in whatever you do.

Luv ya...............Sandie

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Just another day...........

Went for our early morning walk again today - 6am this time.........crazy or what?

Came home and had breakfast and started the day off washing and all those fun jobs.

Didn't feel too well after a while and had a rest in bed while I listened to the kids arguing over the most ridiculous things - will they ever learn? NO!!!!!!

Headed down the street to pay a few bills home for lunch, quick tidy up and then Em's friend is coming for a little play.

Stir-Fry for tea tonight - we all love stir fries.

Picking up a cot for Medina and George later on tonight.

Tammy's friend is coming for a play all day tomorrow - they are no trouble so I can get some creating done hopefully.

Catch ya!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Monday, 1 October 2007

Early wake up call............

Well today started with a family walk. We got up at 7.ooam to go for a 30 min walk. It was nice at the time of the morning. It was Sean's idea to get us all motivated (more to get me motivated I think).

Then we came home had breakfast together and then I got stuck into the washing - there was stacks and stacks of it.

I then decided that I should finish off weeding the vegie patch that I started last week, especially as it has been a bit wet the weeds are easier to pull out. So jobs done. Tomorrow I shall go for a walk with the kids and buy some seedlings. I think we will plant some corn, peas, lettuce, tomatoes and whatever else we see that takes our fancy!!!!!

We then all had a family visit to see little Stephen. He had a great night Medina said and he is well underway with his feeding. The maternal nurse had been for a visit and Medina and Geroge found out a few more bits and pieces.

While we were there George asked Sean if he would take part in a special little ceremony either this Friday or Sunday. Back in Sudan George and Medina's tribe have "elders" someone to look up to, repect, advisor that type of thing. Well George respects Sean and looks up to Sean as an "elder". Sean was stoked to be asked to be the person to "give wisdom" to little Stephen. He will basically just speak over Stephen and tell him some "words of wisdom". Cool as.

Just put a roast on its one of those marinated lamb rolls with mustard and herbs and we will have some vegies with it...........should be yummy.

That's about all the news I have today.

Luv Sandie