Monday, 8 October 2007

Just a little funny story

I was having a chat to mum on the phone today and somehow we got around to talking about kids at school and the nasty things they can say to hurt other kids.

Mum said when she was at primary school there was this paticular girl who for some reason decided to pick on mum, who was very timid. She came up to mum one day and said "You'll never be an angel because you have too many freckles!!!!".........I just burst out laughing after mum had finished. I'm sure at the time it obviously would have hurt mum's feelings but how she said it just made me laugh.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

What a silly thing to say... SHE won't go to Heaven because she was a mean and nasty little girl LOL.

Sandie said...

You are funny cindy..........LOL