Saturday, 13 October 2007

Oh What A Night............

Oh what a night last night was girlies.

I picked up my sister, Maryanne, from the train station about 6.45pm and then all the fun started. We raced home to set up the kitchen into a sea of pink. It looked great.

We had pink tablecloth, napkins, plates, sparkles..........oh the list goes on.

I made a special batch of cupcakes on Thursday night and got up at 6am yesterday to ice them with this "oh so yummy" icing. It took about 30 mins to whip it up - rather icky but rather tasty little devils - thats for sure. I have taken lots of photos of the night but will upload them tomorrow.

We headed off shopping with Maryanne this morning and arrived home mid afternoon - boy can she shop!!!!!!!!! Had a quick cuppa and then it was time to drop her off at the station again................really enjoyed her company and didn't want her to go.

We then went to mass and thenI curled up fast asleep on the floor in front of the fire.

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say it was a fantastic night and we raised $100.00..........very pleased with that.

More info tomorrow - this little black duck is pooped.

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