Monday, 22 October 2007

Christina's Crafts closing down.

Christina's Crafts in Upwey Victoria are closing down their shop as of Wednesday week.
I ordered a couple of things off the net today and went to pick them up as all goods are 40% off.
I bought a couple of other things while I was there today - there is still quite a lot left in the shop so if you get a chance pop out there for a look or jump on the site.

Luv Sandie


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Sandie, do you have a web link for them?

Sandie said...

Yeah should have put that in there shouldn't I.......oopsie

Here it is.

Lyn Smith said...

OMG Sandie! I was there last Monday too, I talked DH into driving me out there.....could've met you and had lunch. Oh well!