Thursday, 25 October 2007

Had a beautiful morning.

Well I have just had a beautiful morning girlies.

I had a great wonder around Robert Gordon Pottery here in Pakenham with a friend, her daughter and her mum. They have a 20% off sale at the moment. Of course I HAD to force myself to buy a few goodies - a green enamel ladel to fit into my kitchen, a little green wire rack for serviettes, although I think cards might look alright in them too, and a gorgeous ceramic button slightly bigger than a 50 cent piece with a stawberry on it. I will pop some photos up at some stage.
After we'd shopped we sat down for a cuppa and the most gorgeous, yummy carrot was just what I needed this morning.

(I must add here that my morning ended on a bit of a sad note - before I went to Robert Gordon I dropped the car off to be looked at - it has a leek we thought in the radiator - no. It looks like we are going to be up for $400 for one thing $700 for another and possibly $1400 for another thing if they get in and have a look and whatever THAT thing is needs replacing.
I'm thinking a new car might be a whole lot easier..................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)


Cindy said...

Sounds like you had a great time shopping ! Shame about the car though, I hope that it doesn't require all those repairs.

fleurie said...

Ohhhhhhhh Robert Gordon has their SALE on....damn?
Bummer about your car....yep new car sounds alot easier...*g*