Sunday, 30 September 2007

Stephen's new home............

I arranged with our friends to borrow their car this morning as George and Medina don't have a car - hence, no baby capsule to bring him home. So I picked them up form the hospital about 10.30 this morning.

He survived the car ride ok and then we welcomed him into his new home. He seemed to be liking it. I helped Medina set up the bassinet and sort out the nappies etc and left them to it til about 2.00 this afternoon when I returned to sort throught the clothes everyone had given them. We put all the pink ones aside of course. He still needs a few little grow suits so I must look out for some of them.

I also showed Medina how to set up the nappy bucket and she was also a little nervous about bathing him. So we got the baby bath set up and gave him a nice warm bath. He cried a little bit but I think he was hungry. I got to have another little nurse and another smell - he smells divine!!!!!!

They have a visit from the Maternal Nurse first thing in the morning so that will be great. I told Medina to have a list of questions for her if she needed to.

I also gave them a copy of "What to Expect The First Year". Initially I gave them the first book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and they said that was very helpful and explained a lot of things for them so that was good to know. They should find the next one handy too I reckon as I know when I got a spare minute (which wasn't very often....LOL) I would pick up the book and have a read. It also came in handy if I was worried about something - well I could just refer to the book and most times it was common so I stopped worrying. I also said of course that she can ring me anytime. If I don't know the answer well I'm sure I can find out.

So for Auntie Sandie it is an early night I think - I think its just hitting me!!!!!

I have some more photos to upload tomorrow so for now.........take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 28 September 2007

Here is our new little "Aussie"

It's funny I just realised after little Stephen was born today that he is now a new little aussie..............George and Medina were born in Sudan so now they are a multi-cultural little family.

Here are the first shots of him................first of many to come!!!!!! He has amazing black hair. Oh I forgot to mention in the last post - of course I got to have a little hold and soak up that newborn smell - there is nothing like that!!!!! Plenty of little kisses too.

Luv Sandie

My Special Day......................

Well today was our last day at nan and pop's. I was turning over in bed this morning, half asleep, and heard a mobile phone ringing. My nephew had lost his phone the day before and I assumed that it was his phone ringing and thought I must have a look for it in the morning..........then I thought..............hang on .................that's my ring tone................oh derrrrrrrrrrr...............see what happens when you're half asleep.

So I get out of bed to see that it's only 4.55am and think - who could that be? It was my Sudanese friends.........................oh no .........................they were going into labour. I had just spoken to Medina on Sunday and mentioned a few last minute things she may need to know being a first time was a great little talk. I said it would be nice if she had the baby on the school holidays - maybe just not when I was at my mum and dad's. I automatically woke up alright - I started to sorta panic but didn't let on to Medina how I felt obviously. She said "Sandie - the baby is coming - I need you!!!" Hells Bells.................I'm an hour away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went into mum and dad's room to explain the story. The main problem was - just a small problem - NOT!!!!! I was the designated driver for getting them to hospital as they don't have a car and here I was an hour away. I felt like crying. I asked Medina to ring the hospital, explain the situation and see if they felt it was time to go in and then to ring me back. Five mins later and she hadn't rung. I rang Sean. He had been working different hours this week. He started work at 8.30 last night and was to finish at 5.00am this morning. He got a phone call from George - same story "Sean the baby is coming!!!!!" Sean did the same as me and thought..........what's George doing ringing me at this time of the morning..............then when he heard the urgency in George's voice - realised it was all systems go!!!!!!!
So Sean raced home from work from Cranbourne - I think that was probably the quickest drive home, dropped into George and Medina's and quickly got Medina in the car and took off for the Berwick Hospital. Medina said that Sean was great - here he was driving fairly fast - without scaring the daylights out of Medina, one hand on the steering wheel the other supporting Medina as she squeezed his hand whilst going through the pain. Sean couldn't believe it was all happening. With my 3 labours I went into hospital and was induced with all 3 so he finally found out what it was like to have to rush to hospital. So Medina arrived in Maternity about 5.30am and was immediately thrown into full on labour. Five mins apart and it was all happening.

Meanwhile here I was - Mum and dad said leave the kids - "you just go". So I drove - I tell ya what it was the longest hour's drive that's for sure. I arrived to find Sean and George's uncle in the waiting room. Asked how she was going and Sean said it was all happening as far as he knew. I walked up to the nurses station and asked the Midwife if I could see Medina - she looked a little odd at me and then went to ask Medina if it was ok for me to come in.
The Midwife came back and said "yeah come in - they have been waiting for you!!!!!" That really made me feel wanted, such a beautiful feeling. So I went in and here is Medina - "Oh Sandie - I am glad you are here" George was looking rather anxious and helpless - poor thing.

So the next thing I knew I was down on the floor on a mat and supporting Medina as she went through her contractions - boy was it weird being on the other side - but hey I was luvin it too!!!!! I asked Medina had they examined her to see if she had dialated and she replied "yes - 7cm's. "Streuth!!!!!!!" It was all happening. This baby was coming and coming today at this rate. The due date was 11th October - for their first baby - that's early!!!!!

So lots of huffing and puffing, squeezing of hands and plenty of rubs and support............She was a real trooper. No drugs - 2 puffs on the gas and "no thanks - I don't like it" By about 9.00 Medina was ready to push - this was all happening so fast.

I was feeling a little odd that I was there - I certainly didn't want to interfere with their birth plan and their bonding but Medina kept saying "you are going to be here are'nt you Sandie?" "yep of course I am" I assured her.

So at 9.34am - Stephen arrived into the world weighing 6pound 10ounces - 3kilos. I was there for the whole thing - George was up the top end supporting Medina's head and shoulders, the midwife was on one leg and here I was on the other leg..................I got to live one of my ultimate dreams today - to see the birth of a baby. I had always wanted to do this but thought it would probably never happen. But it was a lucky day. Oh and the midwife, who was fantastic, asked George if he'd like to cut the cord - he quickly replied "NO!!!" and then Anne, the midwife asked me if I'd like to - I didn't even think about it and said "yeah I'll give it a go"...........I couldn't believe this was all happening. What a day!!!!!!! The birth was amazing and to see him arrive into the world was just overwhelming - I cried a little tear and then went into "Aunty mode"...........I said "hello from your Aunty Sandie"

I sit her now and can't wipe the smile off my face.

The next post has some photos.

Luv Sandie

OUR SHORT STAY AT NAN AND POP'S.................................

I have been at Mum and Dad's for a couple of days with the kids. We had a great time and decided to extend our stay by one night. On Wednesday I took off shopping by myself and when I arrived home mum said that dad had taken the kids off fishing. Josh had been nagging Pop for ages to go fishing as he hadn't been before and thought he would like it. They had only been there 5 mins and Josh had caught his first fish - gee I wish I was there to see the look on his face, they had to throw it back in though as it was too small - he was ok with that. Then about a half an hour later he caught another one. It was massive - it was a carp. He had to bring this one home to show me of course, we couldnt eat it but he needed a photo - well hello..........great idea!!!! So of course we took some photos - he couldn't pick it up as it was a slippery sucker!!!!! Once the photos were done pop had to bury it...........oh well.............Josh had his glory and the look on his face was priceless.

Thursday was just a lazy kinda day catching up with nieces and nephews, brothers and sister-in-laws. I decided that it would be nice to stay another night - so we did.

But wait there's more....................................................................

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Heading off for a couple of days.

Just letting you know that I am heading off with the kids to Mum and Dad's tonight stopping over for 2 nights back on Thursday. Looking forward to a little break. The kids love the attention and I get a little break too. Unfortunately Sean has to work but he's fine with us heading off as he knows it's good for us all.

I have been trying to get everything up to date so we can leave tonight. Emily has a birthday party from 4.30 til 6.30 then we will be leaving. Mum and Dad only live 1 hour away so that will be cool.

So til then...........take care everyone.................if you're on holidays...............have fun and stay safe.

Luv Sandie

Josh and his dare.

There must have been something in the air on Sunday as the kids went a little crazy.

We were talking over lunch about different dares. Sean said he'd run down the street naked for $1,000.00 dollars........shock horror. I said I wouldn't do it for a million.

We then got to talking about other sorts of dares and what we would do and what we wouldn't..........there wasn't much I WOULD do...........LOL.

We cleared up the kitchen table and then the next is Josh in the nude running around the house and then proceeded to head out the back door and do a lap of the was hilarious...............he doesn't need any encouragement - put it that way..........too funny. He is such a fun and funny kid............gotta luv him..........and no I didn't get photos of this one.......LOL.

He has just started off a money box - well Mizuki bought it for I gave him $1.00 to put in his money box. Now I could have give him more of course, but as I said he doesn't need any encouragement so $1.00 would suffice. He was pumped about that. I explained that it must go in his money box for savings and that he wouldn't be getting any money for any more stripping..................LOL.

Just had to share..........luv Sandie

Tree People

I nearly forgot to share this story with you.............on Sunday the kids were playing happily outside........this is a huge statement. It was almost unbelievable to hear them all getting along.

I wondered out to bring in the washing and the girls were being twits. They pulled some branches off our trees down the backyard and attached them to their hair using clothes was hilarious.........and I managed to get some photos of them too so that was great.............can't wait to scrap them so you will have to wait unitl you see the layout to get a glimpse of the photos.

I found it.............

Ok here is the challenge that I completed at The Scrappers Stash going back to last August I think. We had to create something to do with our avatars..............gee that was hard.............NOT!!!!

So here is My Little Black Book.........luv Sandie
IMAGE SO YOU CAN GET A CLOSE UP......................LOL..........YOU'RE TERRIBLE MURIEL!!!!!!! LOL.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Just thought I'd share this story for those who have never heard it.

I was telling someone on a forum today about a story of mine so I thought I may as well share it on here too.
(May I just add that my story didn't go this be warned ......its a long post)

Back in 1999 I entered a competition which was running on Triple M radion station. The name of the comp was "Millenium Dreams". The idea was to ring a 1900 number record your details and a brief description of what your dream was for the new millenium - 2000. So as we had been renting for over 5 years and trying to gather a deposit for a house with 3 young kids we weren't getting any closer to a deposit especially as we were in a Jim's Mowing Franchise at the time which meant as we were self employed we needed a 10% deposit instead of a 5% deposit. Let me tell you by the time we paid franchise fees there wasn't much left over to save any extra money. Anyway.
So I rang up the number and left a little story with them. One day I was listening to the radio station and one of the announcers mentioned the comp and that you could also write in if you wanted to. Now this was the first time I'd heard of that so I thought.............why not?!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote quite a detailed letter, not too long, its just that you can get more of a feel from someone's letter I reckon rather than a 10 second message.

One friday afternoon, Sean knocked off mowing early for a change. I was off somewhere with the kids. He got a phone call from a Susan from Triple M saying that they had received my letter and if there was any chance of me winning that it would be decided on the Monday when the breakfast crew arrived "Timbo and Bedders". She also said to make sure that I understood there was absolutely no guarantees of course that I would be contacted but to be at least at home in the morning - just in case. Well my mind went into overdrive didn't it? All that weekend I was so nervous.

On the monday Sean went off to work and I had the kids all organised for the day and my housework was up to date.......I was tearing around and actually working up a sweat......LOL.
Normally with Jim's Mowing there were plenty of phone calls throughtout the morning, but not this morning...........nothing!!!!!!! Then at about 10.45 the phone rings. I pick it up and this guy from the Triple M office says that he has "Timbo and Bedders" on the line to speak to me.
My knees went to water. The conversation went something like this "Gidday Sandie, we have been touched by your story of raising 3 young kids, being self employed and renting for 0ver 5 years and trying to get a deposit for your first home, well, we were wondering how does $10,000 sound to help you out?" Well hello...................LOL. I quickly replied "you little beauty".........of all the things to say but that is what came out. They went on to say other things but most of it at the time I couldn't remember. I was stoked and shaking like a leaf. The amazing thing was that after they initially spoke to me they asked me to simply answer some questions as the conversation was going to be taped and go to air the very next morning. Most of my original response was kept and just general questions asked and taped. The funny thing was that they stumbled with their words a couple of times and had to edit it and start again......LOL. The other good thing was that because it was on the next day - we had a tape ready and taped the whole conversation on air..............its amazing listening to it now and brings all those magic feelings back.

So the phone was running hot that day - first call was to Sean who couldn't believe it. He was stoked too.

Then I rang mum and dad. They were a little concerned that maybe it wasn't true. I assured them it was.

I went to the local real estate agents and commenced looking for our first home. We couldn't believe how small a lot of the places were that we look at.
Then one day mum and dad came for a visit. One of the real estate agents gave me a ring to say that another place was available to look at. Dad came along with me which was nice.
As soon as I walked into this place I had "that feeling" I wanted this place but immediately thought it would be out of our price range. But things just fell straight into place.
We made 3 offers and the 3rd offer was definetely our last and it was accepted. Bring on the champagne.
We arranged finace and an inspection of the property. On the day of the inspection we went to pick up the prize money cheque in Melbourne. We wanted to speak to "Timbo and Bedders" ourselves but they had not long left - pooh cack!!!. As we got back in the car we got a phone call from the Inspection people to say that everything was ok and as we came into Pakenham we also got a phone call from the bank to say everything was go!!!!!!

The whole story was totally amazing - we are truly blessed and ever so grateful.

We moved into our first home the week before Christmas. It was the best Christmas ever and the New Millenium was fantastic, lots of family seeing the new millenium in, in our new family home.

Luv Sandie

I'm officially registered

I am now officially registered for The Girls Night I should be receiving some material in the mail next week. I'm getting rather excited about this night - its going to be heaps of fun.

Luv Sandie

Isn't he magnificent.........................LOL.

Ok girlies.............hang on to your hat..............I just had to share this photo of Matthew with you...........dont laugh...........he is just offence Sean................LOL.
I remember a couple of years ago I completed a challenge
at The Scrappers Stash. I can't remember what the
challenge was exactly - but I created a Little Black Book all
about Matthew............I must try and find it somewhere.
When I showed Sean he looked a little concerned.........LOL.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Pink Card Drive

Just letting you all know girlies that if you would like to help out the cancer patients and you love creating.............well you need to head over to The Scrappers Stash and there you will find all the details you need to get you started on your way to helping those with cancer.

Come on you can do will be lots of fun.

Luv Sandie

Had a great day all to myself before the school holidays

Well today started off nicely...........cuppa with some of the school mums before school breaks up for 2 weeks. Lots of chatting going on. I then headed off to Fountain Gate to have a quick haircut which turned out nicely. Shopped around - found this funky album at Angus & Robertson.......its vinyl with a leaf pattern in red flocking.........I must put a photo up on my blog. It was 50% off which you've gotta luv. I am going to turn it into some sort of journal.

Did a few errands and then decided to head home and drop into The Scrapbook Lady to get a few supplies that I needed. On the way home I was going through Officer and noticed the Lolly Pop Ladies at the traffic lights and thought "gee they are early"..............ahhhhhhhhh finishes early today...............I immediately hit the panic button. It was 1.45pm...........phew............the school breaks up at 2.10pm.........I said "thank you god for sending me a message" how embarassing would it have been when someone had to ring me to say "hey are you picking up your kids today?"...........oh I still had a bit of time to drop into the lss and pick up my supplies.

Came home, friend dropped played..........we all chilled and then Sean arrived home with fish and chips.......yummo!!!!! Kids were getting rather excited about the big game tonight.........they are all Pies fans.

Went to jump on the puter and the stupid thing seemed to be jammed. Determination wins everytime I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up doing a diagnostic test thingy - which I have never done before, but I wasn't going to let it beat me. There must be a reason. Anyway, I figured something out - dont know what but bingo bango she's all go!!!!!!!!!!!!! You little rippa!!!!!

I can hear Sean and the kids yelling out and clapping........must be all happening............must check it out.

Have a fab weekend girlies.

Luv Sandie

Thursday, 20 September 2007

What not to do....................

I had a few spare minutes before picking up the kids from school yesterday. As Tammy's friends were coming over after school I thought I do a quick vacuum in the spare room in case they wanted to play dress ups. So I'm vacuuming away and then a real of fishing line fell on the ground - the girls use this with their jewellery making. In approx 15 seconds I reckon I managed to get about 15 metres of fishing line wound and wound around the shaft of the upright vacuum cleaner. What a mess. So I quickly turned it off and left it all there to go and pick up the kids. It wasn't until later last night that I discovered how hard it was to get off.
So the moral of the story..............dont try fishing when you're vacuuming. As Pro Hart's cleaner used to say "what a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

On today's agenda

Well today I have a meeting at the local op shop that I work on a Thursday. The store has just extended into the next shop, so it is now a double shop. I think the meeting is about the new running of the joint shop, hopefully it wont go too long as I want to duck to Fountain Gate and get some much needed birthday presents for a few people.

After school Tammy is having 4 friends over to play as a belated birthday afternoon tea........I haven't called it a party as it is going to be a low key affair..........just party food and then they usually do something crafty or play dress ups........nice and easy.

That's all folks!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ahhhhhhh that's nice!!!!!

Just picked up the phone to hear Kumi and Mizuki's voices.............that was nice of them to ring.

Mizuki had grand plans of watching movies on the plane - when I asked him which ones did he watch he said - NONE.................LOL. He was obviously very tired.

It was great to hear Kumi speaking English as I told her she needs to continue using it or she'll lose it. We could really tell the difference from when she first visited compared to the end of their stay.......her English was just getting better and better. It was funny for was like having a second mother.........Kumi would say "josh...........wash hands ............please!!!!!!!" Josh would get up and go and wash his could see the look on his face as if to say "oh boy, I have another mother"...........I had to laugh.

So Mizuki is back to school again tomorrow. His school actually went back on the 2nd or 3rd of September I think. He spoke to his English teacher before he left for Australia and he actually encouraged him to come as it would be beneficial. We could certainly tell the difference in Mizuki this time - especially as he was so much more at ease this time. We thought it would be different with his mum being here and didn't know how things would turn out. But all in all it was great all round.

Well better go and see what the troops are doing I suppose.

Catch ya..................luv Sandie

Monday, 17 September 2007

Sayonara for now................

Well we just came home from dropping Mizuki and Kumi at the airport. What an adventure we all had. 3 weeks of lots of laughter and fun and the occassional sight seeing adventure too.

It was great and we were very sad to see them go. Poor Josh is going to be lost and already came in to me and see he misses Mizuki already. Its going to be weird especially for me having the house back to myself as of tomorrow.........its going to be rather quiet.

Well lots of work to catch up on. Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to catching up on the forums............and about 70 odd emails I have to read........................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Bye for now everyone.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

My Little Dress by Sandie

Here is a photo of the little dress I created some months ago. It appears in Issue 68 of Australian Paper Crafts.
It is all hand cut and hand sewn. I basically drew a pattern out for the dress, hand sewed up the sides of the dress and around the neck and added embellishments. One of the embellishments is a Daisy Loom flower. These are lots of fun to make. The tool that I used is very old. Mum had this tool in her sewing basket when I was a little girl and I only discovered its use early this year.
I also made a little bag and the little hanger was from our local op shop - I just shabby chiced it and stamped a few flowers onto it.

Here is the photo I took - I don't have the copy of the magazine just yet until they send it to me.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie

..................and some more

My Boy Album at The Barn

Here are the shots of the Boy Album for the project I completed for Remember When. I instantly fell in love with this laser cut album and was very pleased with the colour combo and the finished product.

Slowly but surely!!!!!

Well the doc said I do have asthma and an infection in the wonder i feel so scabby.

Had to go back to bed this morning after dropping of the kids. Just not getting any sleep at night as I think I am keeping Sean awake. Was in a deep sleep when the school rang to say that Josh was in the sick bay............arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So I pick him up from school at 11 and get him into the doctors for 12.30 appt. Ear and throat infection. What is it with this household.....................oh well. Antibiotics for Josh and now that I am on ventolin I feel a bit better I must say. So fingers crossed now that we all start to pick up a bit and we enjoy the last few days with our visitors.

If I feel up to it tomorrow I am going to take Mizuki and Kumi to Fountain Gate. Do a bit of shopping and then Kumi is keen to go to the movies for the experience so that will be great.

Must drop in on my friend Medina too.......she only has about 4 weeks until her baby arrives. Boy am I getting excited about that. Actually Kumi was lovely the other day. She met Medina and couldn't help but rub her belly and chat away to her - it was lovely to see. Kumi arranged for her husband to send some disposable nappies all the way from Japan...........they arrived on our doorstep at 8.oo this morning so Kumi is keen to deliver them to Medina - should do that tomorrow.

That's about it for a little while I think. Kumi is busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm - Japanese meal tonight - can't wait.

Take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 10 September 2007 I am................Just.......!!!!!!

Well its been a while since I reported in last and boy have I been missing blogging.

Em is on the mend.............we still have our visitors who have extended their stay til the 17th which we are enjoying.

I have infected sinus' and to boot I think I now have asthma. Off to the docs today to see if that's what it is as I can't sleep and can't breath properly. Hopefully I will start to feel better as I haven't been able to even catch up much on the forums and I haven't done any craft for nearly 3 weeks which is SO NOT ME!!!!!!

Hope everyone else is going well.

Talk again soon.

Luv Sandie