Friday, 28 September 2007

My Special Day......................

Well today was our last day at nan and pop's. I was turning over in bed this morning, half asleep, and heard a mobile phone ringing. My nephew had lost his phone the day before and I assumed that it was his phone ringing and thought I must have a look for it in the morning..........then I thought..............hang on .................that's my ring tone................oh derrrrrrrrrrr...............see what happens when you're half asleep.

So I get out of bed to see that it's only 4.55am and think - who could that be? It was my Sudanese friends.........................oh no .........................they were going into labour. I had just spoken to Medina on Sunday and mentioned a few last minute things she may need to know being a first time was a great little talk. I said it would be nice if she had the baby on the school holidays - maybe just not when I was at my mum and dad's. I automatically woke up alright - I started to sorta panic but didn't let on to Medina how I felt obviously. She said "Sandie - the baby is coming - I need you!!!" Hells Bells.................I'm an hour away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went into mum and dad's room to explain the story. The main problem was - just a small problem - NOT!!!!! I was the designated driver for getting them to hospital as they don't have a car and here I was an hour away. I felt like crying. I asked Medina to ring the hospital, explain the situation and see if they felt it was time to go in and then to ring me back. Five mins later and she hadn't rung. I rang Sean. He had been working different hours this week. He started work at 8.30 last night and was to finish at 5.00am this morning. He got a phone call from George - same story "Sean the baby is coming!!!!!" Sean did the same as me and thought..........what's George doing ringing me at this time of the morning..............then when he heard the urgency in George's voice - realised it was all systems go!!!!!!!
So Sean raced home from work from Cranbourne - I think that was probably the quickest drive home, dropped into George and Medina's and quickly got Medina in the car and took off for the Berwick Hospital. Medina said that Sean was great - here he was driving fairly fast - without scaring the daylights out of Medina, one hand on the steering wheel the other supporting Medina as she squeezed his hand whilst going through the pain. Sean couldn't believe it was all happening. With my 3 labours I went into hospital and was induced with all 3 so he finally found out what it was like to have to rush to hospital. So Medina arrived in Maternity about 5.30am and was immediately thrown into full on labour. Five mins apart and it was all happening.

Meanwhile here I was - Mum and dad said leave the kids - "you just go". So I drove - I tell ya what it was the longest hour's drive that's for sure. I arrived to find Sean and George's uncle in the waiting room. Asked how she was going and Sean said it was all happening as far as he knew. I walked up to the nurses station and asked the Midwife if I could see Medina - she looked a little odd at me and then went to ask Medina if it was ok for me to come in.
The Midwife came back and said "yeah come in - they have been waiting for you!!!!!" That really made me feel wanted, such a beautiful feeling. So I went in and here is Medina - "Oh Sandie - I am glad you are here" George was looking rather anxious and helpless - poor thing.

So the next thing I knew I was down on the floor on a mat and supporting Medina as she went through her contractions - boy was it weird being on the other side - but hey I was luvin it too!!!!! I asked Medina had they examined her to see if she had dialated and she replied "yes - 7cm's. "Streuth!!!!!!!" It was all happening. This baby was coming and coming today at this rate. The due date was 11th October - for their first baby - that's early!!!!!

So lots of huffing and puffing, squeezing of hands and plenty of rubs and support............She was a real trooper. No drugs - 2 puffs on the gas and "no thanks - I don't like it" By about 9.00 Medina was ready to push - this was all happening so fast.

I was feeling a little odd that I was there - I certainly didn't want to interfere with their birth plan and their bonding but Medina kept saying "you are going to be here are'nt you Sandie?" "yep of course I am" I assured her.

So at 9.34am - Stephen arrived into the world weighing 6pound 10ounces - 3kilos. I was there for the whole thing - George was up the top end supporting Medina's head and shoulders, the midwife was on one leg and here I was on the other leg..................I got to live one of my ultimate dreams today - to see the birth of a baby. I had always wanted to do this but thought it would probably never happen. But it was a lucky day. Oh and the midwife, who was fantastic, asked George if he'd like to cut the cord - he quickly replied "NO!!!" and then Anne, the midwife asked me if I'd like to - I didn't even think about it and said "yeah I'll give it a go"...........I couldn't believe this was all happening. What a day!!!!!!! The birth was amazing and to see him arrive into the world was just overwhelming - I cried a little tear and then went into "Aunty mode"...........I said "hello from your Aunty Sandie"

I sit her now and can't wipe the smile off my face.

The next post has some photos.

Luv Sandie


Tara said...

Oh Sandie... how very special!!!!!!

Scrapsister said...

Oh my! What an amazing experience. My tears are flowing for so many reasons. We have Sudanese freinds too and many in our church. I am always amazed and humbled by their incredible humility and gratitude for the smallest of things. Well done Sandie...and keep breathing in that newborn :)What a strong and manly name too.

fleurie said...

oh wow sandie...

congrats to you...

Cindy said...

Awwww...what a lovely story ! Such a special day for you. Congratulations Auntie :) and WELL DONE Mum !