Sunday, 30 September 2007

Stephen's new home............

I arranged with our friends to borrow their car this morning as George and Medina don't have a car - hence, no baby capsule to bring him home. So I picked them up form the hospital about 10.30 this morning.

He survived the car ride ok and then we welcomed him into his new home. He seemed to be liking it. I helped Medina set up the bassinet and sort out the nappies etc and left them to it til about 2.00 this afternoon when I returned to sort throught the clothes everyone had given them. We put all the pink ones aside of course. He still needs a few little grow suits so I must look out for some of them.

I also showed Medina how to set up the nappy bucket and she was also a little nervous about bathing him. So we got the baby bath set up and gave him a nice warm bath. He cried a little bit but I think he was hungry. I got to have another little nurse and another smell - he smells divine!!!!!!

They have a visit from the Maternal Nurse first thing in the morning so that will be great. I told Medina to have a list of questions for her if she needed to.

I also gave them a copy of "What to Expect The First Year". Initially I gave them the first book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and they said that was very helpful and explained a lot of things for them so that was good to know. They should find the next one handy too I reckon as I know when I got a spare minute (which wasn't very often....LOL) I would pick up the book and have a read. It also came in handy if I was worried about something - well I could just refer to the book and most times it was common so I stopped worrying. I also said of course that she can ring me anytime. If I don't know the answer well I'm sure I can find out.

So for Auntie Sandie it is an early night I think - I think its just hitting me!!!!!

I have some more photos to upload tomorrow so for now.........take care everyone.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

Sandie...I have 15 months worth of baby boy stuff that Medina and George are welcome to if they want any of it.

Sandie said...

That would be fantastic thanks Cindy.........I shall contact you.........hey we will finally get that catch up we've been going to have........LOL.

Thanks again....luv Sandie