Friday, 28 September 2007

Here is our new little "Aussie"

It's funny I just realised after little Stephen was born today that he is now a new little aussie..............George and Medina were born in Sudan so now they are a multi-cultural little family.

Here are the first shots of him................first of many to come!!!!!! He has amazing black hair. Oh I forgot to mention in the last post - of course I got to have a little hold and soak up that newborn smell - there is nothing like that!!!!! Plenty of little kisses too.

Luv Sandie


Wirginia said...

Oh Sandie isn't he beautiful. Give Medina & George my congratulations. What a wonderful experience for you.
Wirg x x

helenj said...

Oh what a little cutie
You lucky thing to get to see such an awesome miracle

Scrapsister said...

Isn't he just divine! Big congratulations all round Sandie :)

fleurie said...

ohhhhhh i want a gorgeous...and look at his hair..LOVE it!

congrats to you too Auntie Sandie

Cindy said...

He is SO cute ! Welcome to the big, wide world little Stephen :)