Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Slowly but surely!!!!!

Well the doc said I do have asthma and an infection in the ear..........no wonder i feel so scabby.

Had to go back to bed this morning after dropping of the kids. Just not getting any sleep at night as I think I am keeping Sean awake. Was in a deep sleep when the school rang to say that Josh was in the sick bay............arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So I pick him up from school at 11 and get him into the doctors for 12.30 appt. Ear and throat infection. What is it with this household.....................oh well. Antibiotics for Josh and now that I am on ventolin I feel a bit better I must say. So fingers crossed now that we all start to pick up a bit and we enjoy the last few days with our visitors.

If I feel up to it tomorrow I am going to take Mizuki and Kumi to Fountain Gate. Do a bit of shopping and then Kumi is keen to go to the movies for the experience so that will be great.

Must drop in on my friend Medina too.......she only has about 4 weeks until her baby arrives. Boy am I getting excited about that. Actually Kumi was lovely the other day. She met Medina and couldn't help but rub her belly and chat away to her - it was lovely to see. Kumi arranged for her husband to send some disposable nappies all the way from Japan...........they arrived on our doorstep at 8.oo this morning so Kumi is keen to deliver them to Medina - should do that tomorrow.

That's about it for a little while I think. Kumi is busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm - Japanese meal tonight - can't wait.

Take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

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