Thursday, 20 September 2007

What not to do....................

I had a few spare minutes before picking up the kids from school yesterday. As Tammy's friends were coming over after school I thought I do a quick vacuum in the spare room in case they wanted to play dress ups. So I'm vacuuming away and then a real of fishing line fell on the ground - the girls use this with their jewellery making. In approx 15 seconds I reckon I managed to get about 15 metres of fishing line wound and wound around the shaft of the upright vacuum cleaner. What a mess. So I quickly turned it off and left it all there to go and pick up the kids. It wasn't until later last night that I discovered how hard it was to get off.
So the moral of the story..............dont try fishing when you're vacuuming. As Pro Hart's cleaner used to say "what a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Luv Sandie

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Vicky said...

try just not vaccuming, lol