Saturday, 22 September 2007

Just thought I'd share this story for those who have never heard it.

I was telling someone on a forum today about a story of mine so I thought I may as well share it on here too.
(May I just add that my story didn't go this be warned ......its a long post)

Back in 1999 I entered a competition which was running on Triple M radion station. The name of the comp was "Millenium Dreams". The idea was to ring a 1900 number record your details and a brief description of what your dream was for the new millenium - 2000. So as we had been renting for over 5 years and trying to gather a deposit for a house with 3 young kids we weren't getting any closer to a deposit especially as we were in a Jim's Mowing Franchise at the time which meant as we were self employed we needed a 10% deposit instead of a 5% deposit. Let me tell you by the time we paid franchise fees there wasn't much left over to save any extra money. Anyway.
So I rang up the number and left a little story with them. One day I was listening to the radio station and one of the announcers mentioned the comp and that you could also write in if you wanted to. Now this was the first time I'd heard of that so I thought.............why not?!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote quite a detailed letter, not too long, its just that you can get more of a feel from someone's letter I reckon rather than a 10 second message.

One friday afternoon, Sean knocked off mowing early for a change. I was off somewhere with the kids. He got a phone call from a Susan from Triple M saying that they had received my letter and if there was any chance of me winning that it would be decided on the Monday when the breakfast crew arrived "Timbo and Bedders". She also said to make sure that I understood there was absolutely no guarantees of course that I would be contacted but to be at least at home in the morning - just in case. Well my mind went into overdrive didn't it? All that weekend I was so nervous.

On the monday Sean went off to work and I had the kids all organised for the day and my housework was up to date.......I was tearing around and actually working up a sweat......LOL.
Normally with Jim's Mowing there were plenty of phone calls throughtout the morning, but not this morning...........nothing!!!!!!! Then at about 10.45 the phone rings. I pick it up and this guy from the Triple M office says that he has "Timbo and Bedders" on the line to speak to me.
My knees went to water. The conversation went something like this "Gidday Sandie, we have been touched by your story of raising 3 young kids, being self employed and renting for 0ver 5 years and trying to get a deposit for your first home, well, we were wondering how does $10,000 sound to help you out?" Well hello...................LOL. I quickly replied "you little beauty".........of all the things to say but that is what came out. They went on to say other things but most of it at the time I couldn't remember. I was stoked and shaking like a leaf. The amazing thing was that after they initially spoke to me they asked me to simply answer some questions as the conversation was going to be taped and go to air the very next morning. Most of my original response was kept and just general questions asked and taped. The funny thing was that they stumbled with their words a couple of times and had to edit it and start again......LOL. The other good thing was that because it was on the next day - we had a tape ready and taped the whole conversation on air..............its amazing listening to it now and brings all those magic feelings back.

So the phone was running hot that day - first call was to Sean who couldn't believe it. He was stoked too.

Then I rang mum and dad. They were a little concerned that maybe it wasn't true. I assured them it was.

I went to the local real estate agents and commenced looking for our first home. We couldn't believe how small a lot of the places were that we look at.
Then one day mum and dad came for a visit. One of the real estate agents gave me a ring to say that another place was available to look at. Dad came along with me which was nice.
As soon as I walked into this place I had "that feeling" I wanted this place but immediately thought it would be out of our price range. But things just fell straight into place.
We made 3 offers and the 3rd offer was definetely our last and it was accepted. Bring on the champagne.
We arranged finace and an inspection of the property. On the day of the inspection we went to pick up the prize money cheque in Melbourne. We wanted to speak to "Timbo and Bedders" ourselves but they had not long left - pooh cack!!!. As we got back in the car we got a phone call from the Inspection people to say that everything was ok and as we came into Pakenham we also got a phone call from the bank to say everything was go!!!!!!

The whole story was totally amazing - we are truly blessed and ever so grateful.

We moved into our first home the week before Christmas. It was the best Christmas ever and the New Millenium was fantastic, lots of family seeing the new millenium in, in our new family home.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

What a cool story !! TFS

I won a honeymoon on Fox FM one year. They had 100 couples remarry at Punt Rd Oval on Valentines Day, and my (now ex) husband and I were chosen as they winners of the honeymoon. We had to go on our trip to Hamilton Island before the GST came into effect, so we booked for the last week of June. A week before we were due to go he decided he didn't want to go anymore (we were arguing) and we had to forfeit the holiday ~ I wasn't going to go on my own, and the plane tickets were non-transferable :(

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

you are 1 lucky ladie Sandie... good on you...

fleurie said...

wow Sandie...i just love hearing that story..makes you feel so good inside...
I would love to hear that tape - you should record it onto one of those sound strips and do a LO on it...

Sandie said...

thanks girlies............hey great idea Fleur.......I'm thinking I may need your help with that one.......LOL.

lkamphuis said...

OMG - what a memeorable day !
I hope you have scrapped it - Did you contact triple mmm????

Sandie said...

Yeah I did email Triple M but didn't hear anything back.

Just thought they'd like to know how things were going 10 years on.

Oh well.

Luv Sandie

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG Congrats...This is such a wonderful story...Have you scrapped this??? You need to write this into your history books!!! Ohhh I am so happy for you Sandie and your wonderful family!! Thanks for sharing this with us today!! Back off to read the rest of your latest post! Luv Shaz xoxo

Sandie said...

Thanks Shaz, it certainly brings back wonderful memories when I read this again.

I did scrap it in a fashion. I kept a photo of the cheque and I also asked the real estate agents for the photo that was up in their office with the sold sticker on it. We also had a photo shoot done for the local newspaper so it was a very special time indeed.

thanks for your kind words.
Luv Sandie

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh Sandie that is the most wonderfully amazing story - you have brought tears to my eyes. And how fab that you are still in that wonderful first house :)

xoxAlyssaxox said...

WOW Babe that is such an amazing story.. And so wonderful!! I dont know if its the pregnancy hormones but I got a few tears happening :) That was a beautiful story to read and Im so happy that it happened to such a great family xx Much Love

Sandie said...

Thanks Petrina & Lys.

You know I fell in love with our home the minute I walked through the door. For it all to fall into place like it did I truly believe it was meant to be.

I still stand back and look at our home everyday and thank god - we are so blessed.

Luv Sandie