Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Look at this beauty

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to see this absolute beauty.
We had our yearly street festival and parade. This organ was part of the parade - I just got goosebumps when I saw it. The sound is unreal.

I just googled it and came up with this. Obviously it is better in real life. It's absolutely huge with its dimensions being 4m high x 6m wide x 2.5 deep. It weighs 2.5 tonnes

It was developed in the 19th century in the Netherlands. It is now owned by Australia Fair.
It is the only organ of its type in Australia and it travels around 30,000 km each year visiting towns, cities and small communities.

Today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Wow I can't believe this time 14 years ago we were getting ourselves ready to say "I do!!!!".

Certainly doesn't seem that long ago. Ever since I was a young girl all I wanted to do was to get married and have children. Well my dream came true the day I married my best friend.

We were going to go out for dinner and maybe a movie but have decided it would be nice to just stay home in the warmth of our home. Sean is going to grab a DVD, I am going to grab a bottle of something nice to share and we may even home some choccy.......well I know I will........LOL. Should be nice.

Happy Anniversary Babes!!!!! Luv ya. Sandie

Monday, 28 April 2008

Received my complimentary copy of Stamping & Papercraft today

I got home today from the city to get my hands of the copy of the magazine with my little house in it and a card I'd made. Its always very exciting to see your name in print and to see the creation that you created some months ago appear in print.

I shall take some photos of it tomorrow. I must admit at the time I didn't want to send my creation off in fear that it would get squashed. Its a little 3D house. I think I added some photos a few posts back. I shall take a photo of the mag and the actual item tomorrow.

Luv Sandie

Had the bestest day today.

Sean and I headed into Melbourne this morning after dropping off the kids to school.

We went straight to a coffee shop where Sean picked up some green beans so he can roast them from home - this is his latest passion. He uses an old breadmaker and a heat gun to actually roast the beans. The smell is divine!!!!! And the coffee is fantastic.

We then headed to a couple of shops that I have been wanting to visit for a while.
One of them was "Meet Me At Mikes".......this is a lovely, quaint little shop with lots of retro/vintage type goodies ranging from brooches and jewellery, old sewing patterns, old toys, new toys, old cothes, new clothes............old/new fabrics.........I just loved the shop but unfortunately it was a little out of my budget which is a shame - I really wanted something as a memento of my visit but just couldn't justify the prices - and I also noticed that I have a lot of similar things that I have collected over the years - which also means that I am sitting on a gold mine............LOL. But to me these types of things are priceless and I will treasure them forever.
The other shop was similar - cant think of the name.........I found this gorgeous melamine cupcake (which was a glorified sugar bowl or container) and it was $36.00 now I loved it but not that much, same deal though - it was great for a look. I can safely say that I would go back there again but it was great to satisfy my curiosity!!!!!
Then from there we went to Sth Melbourne. From Sean's coffee forum a few guys had told him about this great coffee shop. So we had lunch and a great coffee.
It was so nice to be strolling around holding hands and just checking everything out. We drove around some beautiful old streets with gorgeous old homes and saw lots and lots of different things.

So that's about my day in a nutshell - a large nutshell actually...........but hey............just had to share what we got up to.

Hope your day was a gooooodgen!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Josh's BIG day.

Josh had his first game of footy this morning. We had to be at the ground at 8.30 for a 9 oclock start. All the kids were pumped and ready to go.

Josh took a nice mark and then was tackled and kicked a point - it was great for him to just get a touch. I thought to myself that if he could at least touch the footy then he would be chuffed - and chuffed he was. He did a few other things here and there.
His team won - cant remember what the score was but it was about a 4 or 6 goal margin.
They all went back into the clubrooms afterwards to listen to the coach. He was very proud of them too. He is just wonderful with the kids.

So next week will see us travel to Narre Warren and it will be an afternoon game. How are we going to contain Josh all day til the afternoon? LOL...............he is going to be itching to have another go.

It is rather cold here today so we are all just relaxing around doing what we want - I am going to create.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Just another day, but a goodie.

Had a pretty quiet day today really which was nice.

Josh had a birthday party with his best mate that he made at Kinder. They spent about 3 hours at a Slot Car place in Dandenong. We dropped him off there and us girlies took off to a shopping centre. We had lunch there which was nice and then I decided I was going to get my haircut.
I normally go to my regular hairdresser but just thought like getting it cut today. Just walked in to this place, it was under New Management and the price was $9.00. You know it probably only took the girl 9 minutes to cut it all up so $9 was pretty darn good I reckon. The quickest and the cheapest haircut I've ever had..............and to boot...........its a great haircut. Bonus!!!!

Josh has his big day tomorrow - his first game of footy. I'm getting a little nervous I must admit...........he's just so stoked........must remember to get a photo of him all dressed before he heads off.

Not much else planned for the rest of the weekend. I know its going to be wet, but we need the rain.

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 25 April 2008

Lest We Forget................

Sean and the kids got up early this morning to go to the dawn service. Sean said it attracted a bigger crowd this year which is fantastic.

A very special day to reflect and pray for those who died for our country.

Lest We Forget

(This photo is one of the girl's little memento from their visit to the Shrine Of Remembrance in Melbourne. Our girls went with their school yesterday. Its great to make the kids aware of the men and women who fought for our country)

And more recent purchases

I came across these Amy Butler fabrics at my local fabric shop and of course had to have them.

And then............I found these adorable cupcake this is one clever way to "have your cake and NOT eat it!!!!!?..............LOL. How cute.

Luv Sandie

One man's trash is another man's treasure

A few weeks ago we went away for the weekend. On the way we managed to do a bit of op-shopping, one of my fave things to do.

I stumbled across these goodies.

An old Sleeping Beauty book printed in 1960

Andy Pandy book - used to love him when I was little and this book has the added bonus of a gingerbread story - just love gingies!!!!

A couple of other old books - just love the look of these.....lots of character.

And speaking of character - found this old Readers Digest book with the green cover - it reminded me of owls for some I am going to turn it into an OTP.........look out owls here I come.

Thursday, 24 April 2008 card has made the front cover of Issue 76 of Australian Paper Crafts Magazine................

and I'm a little excited.

Here is a couple of shots from the Creative Living Media website until I get my hands on a copy of the mag.

I was just so excited I had to share!!!!

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

About last night........

Now .........where do I start.

Ok the morning went off well and we got out all the invitations we needed to.

Raced home for a quick bite of lunch and then back to school for netball training.

We split into 2 teams and played a game - this is fairly new to the girls/boys as they have mainly just been doing some drills and learning the game so all in all they did very well. One team got all the goals and the other had 2 attempts at goal - I was a little disappointed for the team without any but gave them all the encouragement I could muster. I drew them all in at the end of the session and asked them "Now put your hand up if you tried very hard to do your best tonight?" to which they all put their hand up and said "Me!!!!!" should have seen the looks on their faces - it was priceless. All these beautiful little faces looking up at me and looking rather proud of themselves - and so they should be - they are coming along nicely. I was proud of them that's for sure!!!!!

Then...........I raced home from training to squeeze in the most slap dash dinner - some of us had cereal and the other baked beans on toast. Funny really - but we all enjoyed it.

Then we all jumped in the car to head off to the girls school. It was great to see the looks on their faces - they had never seen the school and knew nothing about it other than what we had told them. We were shown around the school and then it was back to the main hall area where we listened to various people speak about the school. The girls are really looking forward to it - it was relief to see them so at ease.

Back home for about 30 mins and then we headed out the door again to wait for the cross and icon to arrive at our church. Now I took some photos however being night it was rather tricky to capture what we were seeing and feeling, but you will be able to see a little.

It was a real moving night. Its amazing how you can be drawn in by something like this and we are all so glad we took part in it. There were several readings and different ceremonies that took part and we all got to touch the cross - amazing feeling that this cross has been all over the world and been touched by millions. Cool as.

We ended up heading home last night about 11.30, off to bed for a while and then up at 3.30 to try and wake up a little for mass at 4.000am..........we did it. Mass was really nice.

We then hung around and helped serve the breakfasts to all the pilgrims, visitors and fellow parishoners. It was real community building stuff. Everyone chatting away or working away in the kitchen. I tell ya...........the breakfast was fantastic.

Heaps of food on offer - fresh fruit, tinned fruit, beautiful yummy yoghurt, toast and a nice selection of breakfast cereals, juice and cuppas. Yummo!!!!!!

The cross left just after f5.00 so we hung around to help clean up which meant we got home at 6.30. Boy were we tired. Had a quick nap for about an hour and then jumped out of bed to get the kids off to school. They weren't too bad. We have well adjusted kids so they could cope with going to school. This is a once in a life time situation so we wanted to be part of it.

Straight after school drop off I was back in our Parish Centre again. Us mum's put on a morning tea for one of the mum's from school. She is dying from cancer and has 2 young kiddies 7 and 9.

We called it a "Celebration of Friendship" morning cuppa. The mum came along and was really moved by it. Great to see.

By the time I left out the door it was now 11.30. I was done...........I didn't have much left to give.

I came home and then remembered that Sean was on afternoon shift and I would have to cook his tea for him to take - as you do when you're worn out. So I whipped up some tea for him, saw him off to work..............and then I did.....................................................................................................................................NOTHING!!!!!!!

So here I sit...........worn out...........but feeling pretty refreshed spiritually. Ready to face another day.

Sorry this was so long everyone...................take care...........luv Sandie

(the photos are of the young pilgrims from our parish who will take part in World Youth Day, the other is of the cross and icon and the last one is our Emily as she takes part in the procession by helping to carry the icon(which happens to be mighty heavy)......she was very proud.)

I remembered.........

to take a photo of my Raffle prize from my fun night last week.

I won $20 voucher, earrings and this lovely teal coloured purse/handbag..........its just gorgeous and I cant wait to go out somewhere a bit spesh to use it.

Luv Sandie

Oh isn't that nice...........

I received a lovely and suprising RAK (Random Act Of Kindness) in the mail today from an online buddy. Not quite sure who sent it - but if you are looking at this...............thank you............its very me!!!! I luv it!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Now....lets see...........

Pooh cack - I just typed out all this stuff and blogger shut down ..................arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! So...........Take Two!!!!

A very busy day is planned for today.

First up I have craft at school for about an hour then I am helping a friend to write out invitations. Our Parish is hosting a Welcoming Dinner to all new families to the parish/school. It's going to be a big affair and is going to take some organizing, however, it will be great.

Then after school I have Netball Training which by the way is going wonderfully.

Duck home quickly to get the kids organized and whip up some dinner and then we have to be at the girls school for next year for an Information Night. Back home for a little while and then we head off to mass for the arrival of the Cross & Icon (refer previous post).

Boy I am tired just thinking about it...............LOL.

Luv Sandie

We have a very special visitor to our church tonight

Tonight we are going to witness something very special in our church.

This year in July, Sydney will be the host to World Youth Day (WYD). You can read details about it here.

The cross and icons have travelled all over the world and our church is one of the lucky few to take part in some "once in a lifetime" events.
The cross will be arriving at about 10pm - yes PM tonight. Our family is going along and then there is a vigil til 4am tomorrow morning where there will be a special mass - the cross and icons will then travel on the journey to the next destination. We are holding an early breakfast in our Parish Centre which should be lots of fun - hopefully I will be awake by then as I am helping serve breakfast.

Really looking forward to it - oooh that reminds me - must charge the batteries on our camera........have to be organised.

Just had to share with you.

Luv Sandie

Monday, 21 April 2008

Mixed emotions...........

We received some sad news about a close friend - she has cancer. It doesn't look too good.
We are all hanging in there for her and her family and saying lots of prayers - if you are into prayers..........add her to your list.

It's always times like these that it makes you reflect - you start to think how you would be if you were dealt this type of hand. Hard to fathom.

It's also these times that you put things into perspective and try and not sweat the small stuff.

Life is too each day to the full.

I also had a gorgeous online friend say some gorgeous comments about me and my really made my day.

Time for bed me thinks........its been a long day.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Look what I got yesterday

Yesterday the kids and I went to this fantastic garage sale - in fact it's the best one I've ever been to (other than our own that is).

There were boxes upon boxes of crafty stuff. I could have just offered to take all the stuff off the lady's hands........she was glad to get rid of it actually - she said the more people buy the less she has to pack up afterwards.

So I managed to get a gorgeous antique bowl on a stand in my fave colour green of course - it was an absolute bargain at 50 cents. Then I bought a groovy handbag that just had my name written all over it........$1.00 and the bestest bargain of the day was this fantastic lot of ribbons and trims they started from 10cents a bundle going up to 50 cents a bundle. I was in absolute heaven I tell ya..........decisions, decisions. So I ended up with about $13.00 dollars worth of trims............I walked off one happy little black duck that's for sure. What was a bonus to the morning was that the town where it was held - the autumn leaves were out everywhere - my fave season. The day was an absolute delight - the bell birds were singing away and even a kookaburra. Just perfect.

We then took a short drive to a neighbouring town and visited the bakery - we all ordered something different and had a taste test of each other's yummy goodies.

All in all a great day.

Luv Sandie

Friday, 18 April 2008

My day

Today I had the dietician first up - everything is going cool with the diabetes. I have managed to lose another kilo since I saw her last which is great. I need to do a bit more exercising but other than that she is happy how I am going.

Then I took off to school as the kids had Cross Country run today. I got there unfortunately when the kids had finished. Josh and Tam came in 8th place and our Em came 1st Place...............I was so, so proud of her. She was proud of herself actually. Last time she ran this race she came 2nd so she was chuffed.

I had a short but sweet visit with little Stephen, or should I say not so little Stephen. He is coming up for 8 months old now. He is going to be a big boy I think.
He was asleep when I got there but woke up about 10 mins into the visit. He woke up and gave me a smile which was priceless. I haven't seen George or Medina since Easter Saturday so I needed to give Stephen some kisses to catch up on the ones I have missed.
Oooooh I could eat him up. He is just so cute. The kids were disappointed they didn't get to see him so I am going to try and catch up with Median and Stephen again tomorrow afternoon.

Josh had his jumper presentation at football training tonight. This is his first year of playing football and he is so pumped. He has been training for about the last 6 weeks I suppose. He was really looking forward to getting his jumper and he had a grin from ear to ear when he came home. Sean managed to get some photos actually. I shall add these tomorrow.

Watching Sleepless In Seattle as I type - gotta luv this movie.

Well I've got some creating to do.

Have a beaut weekend everyone - stay safe!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Here's the very happy Josh in his new footy jumper

After I got home last night..........

After I got home last night after a very successful time I went out to my craft desk.
There on top of all the mess was one of the most beautiful little notes from my Em.
When they were little I used to sing a little song to them. "good night sweetheart well its time to go........" its the song from Three Men and a Baby.
Emily had written the song out and signed it with her name. She had also added little gold sequins stars around the edge. How sweet. Of course it brought a tear to my eye.
I am going to try and take a photo of it tomorrow. Not sure if it will turn out as it is gold writing on white paper but I will try. Definately going to put this one away.

Gotta luv em!!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Look what I created today.

Found some mojo today so I whipped up these cards.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned as I have been working on something else over the last week or so......................................................................................................................

"Oh what a night"

I had the bestest night last night girlies.

I was invited along to a school "Girls Pamper Night" selling my cards. My friend (who's kids go to this fantastic school) asked me about 3 weeks ago if I'd like to sell my cards at their fundraiser night. I was chuffed to be asked and have been busy getting things organized since then.
I didn't want to mention it on my blog as it sometimes can make me anxious. I have done several of these types of things and they have ended up with me being disappointed - I usually only JUST cover cost of the stall and sometimes it doesn't draw enough interest.
But last night I was prepared for just supporting the school.
So off I went armed with lots and lots of cards and some of my OTP's and a basket with
"bargain basket" with bits and pieces of goodies.

I had fantastic feedback and had my first sale probably within in the first 20 mins. I thought to myself after that sale if I didn't do anything else I didn't really mind.
Plenty of people were coming up and having a great old look through the cards and picking up the otp's and checking them out. I even had one mum take one of the business cards that I made up in a hurry yesterday. She is interested in me making an album for her to send to her mother-in-law over in England. How nice. Would luv to give that a go!!!!!

I managed to also win a door prize - small perfume and body oil and then not long before the night was over I won a fantastic prize in the raffle. Boy was I excited about that.
I won a lovely pair of earrings, a $20.00 gift voucher to one of the ladies shops in Pakenham that I just adore and the most gorgeous little bag/purse. I am going to take a photo of them to show you.............just divine. How lucky was I?!!!!!!!!!

So I drove home one happy little black duck - that's for sure.

Just had to share my excitement with you all.

Luv Sandie

My latest publication in Stamping & Papercraft

Here are some shots that I took of my latest published work.

I was asked if I would like to take part in a Stampers Challenge using JustJohanna Stamps.......well hello..........yeah!!!!!!

So here are the 2 things I made. The first one is using a little gift box. I stamped the image twice for each end of the house and then made the sides of the house and added all sorts of goodies including some black curled wire for the smoke.

The second is a card - I cut slits for the door and the window to open.

I haven't received my copy of the mag as yet so thought I'd pop these shots in as I was rather excited.

Luv Sandie

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Mixed Alpha Set of Cards

Here is a set of cards I made using mixed up muddled up alphas.

I have used pp by K & Co and several stamps and embellishments. I just love these fresh cool colours.


Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Our day at the footy.

Well we all took off this morning on the train into the MCG to watch Collingwood v Carlton. It was a great day but the only problem was that Collingwood didn't win. Bit disappointing for Sean and the kids but we definately had fun.

Came home to a nice home cooked meal - Sean's mum used her new Slow that's what I call service...........LOL. It was lovely not having to come home and think about what we were going to have.

Boy is it nice to be home.

I always say "its so nice to go out for the day - but its even better when you get home!".

Early night me thinks.

Luv Sandie

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Altered Album

Here is a little album I created today. The original book was a little kids book which had a little plastic case off to the side with shapes inside it.....the idea is the the child would place the shapes on the appropriate page.

Anyway, I took the shapes out, sanded and painted the album and then added some embellishments and photos etc. I was going to give it away but have decided to keep it for myself on the mantle.

Here are the before and after shots.

TFL...........luv Sandie

Inside You Can Be Anything

When I saw this stamp "inside you can be anything" I was really drawn to it.........haven't used it up til this morning. Woke up early and thought today was the day for creating so I got to while the going was good. Gee I've missed creating. I've gone from making a card everyday to maybe once a fortnight. So I'm hoping this is the start of something............fingers crossed!!!!!!

So for today's card I have used my new gorgeous gingham trim and various stamps and for the flower I used sepia ink to slighty distress it.


Luv Sandie

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Busy times..........

We have Sean's family staying with us. They arrived last night - the kids were so excited to see each other...........bedtime was a bit of a battle. They had too much catching up to do - who wanted to sleep? Gotta luv em though.

Our kids went off to school today of course so the rest of us went for a ride to Lakeside. It was a gorgeous autum day today - just lovely.

Home for lunch and then a few things to do before school pickup.

Had my weigh in at STARS and managed to lose 800grams which I was chuffed about - especially being away for a few days and not eating what I would normally eat. Slow and steady wins the race!!!!!

Haven't been doing much creating of late however I did manage this one.

Hope you are all well.

Luv ya.............Sandie

Monday, 7 April 2008

We're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we're back from our little time away.

Thursday Sean and Josh went to FarmWorld in Warragul and had a ball - dodging lots of heavy showers though. But we need the rain. Us girlies went into Warragul to shop. Got some rather cute goodies at the op-shops. Shall take a photo of them tomorrow.

Had a great time catching up with all of Sean's family. First time in 6 years since we've all been together. The kids had a ball catching up with cousins. We all had a ride in Sean's brother's boat - he took us all over to the other side of the inlet and them the kids got towed around on a "sea biscuit" floating device thingy - they had a ball. We stopped there for lunch and then got taken back by boat again. BBQ for tea and lots of talking, laughing and sitting around and relaxing.
Sunday we all went to mass, home for lunch and then the long trip home - about 4 1/2 hours. Oh well - we arrived back safely that is the main thing.

Today - well today was spent doing heaps of washing - 4 loads. That's it I'm done.

Sean's sister, brother-in-law and 4 kids will be arriving on Wednesday til Saturday so if you dont see me around you know I will be busy. Will be good fun though. The weather is supposed to be nice so that will be handy.

Not much else planned this week - kids are back to school tomorrow and Sean is back at work.

Got some creating to do I reckon.

Have fun.

Luv Sandie

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sean's April Fool

This is what my husband got up to yesterday..........he's a big shocker!!!!!

Working at Bunnings he had plenty of opportunities to get someone.

So he gets there first thing in the morning and there are toilets for sale on display near the Trade Desk. He quickly gets to and grabs a bottle of water and then searches high and low for some yellow dye from the Paint Department. He tips the nice yellow coloured water into the toilet bowl. Several team members walked by and Sean lifted the lid and said to each one "did you see what some bugger did?".........with a disgusting look on his face. He managed to catch plenty of them out. Apparently he asked one of the girls on the Trade Desk if she had cleaned it yet, she said no, so Sean pretended to storm in behind the desk, grab a cloth and proceeded to clean out the bowl. He came back, wiped the wet cloth on her and she pulled away. He had to fess up then ...........LOL. Naughty boy.

Who's Birthday?

Here is a card I have just completed. I have used the new stamps by Kaiser - Flourish Journal - I really love these. And I have also used a little stamp owl by Sassafrass Lass, branch stamp by HeroArts and assorted alphas. I also used an oval scallop punch that my friend Lyn kindly gave to me. Ripped paper along the bottom of the card and then some doodling here and there.


Luv Sandie

I am Elizabeth Bennett......who are you?

I came across this on someone elses blog and thought I'd take part in it and share it with you...............

What's going on...............

Not much really!!!!!

We dropped our car off on Friday last to get it converted to gas - still waiting. I tell ya what - it had better be ready today as we are heading off on a few days break, leaving tomorrow.
Cant believe the cost of the conversion, we do get a rebate but we have to pay double that to start with. Sean worked it out that it will take us about a year for it to pay for itself so I suppose that's not too bad.
We are going to need it on gas especially next year when I am going to and from school with the girls. It will be great to have the car back - that's for sure. We have been walking everywhere of course but just the thought of not having a car is "driving" me crazy........LOL.

Sean and Josh are off to Farmworld tomorrow and us girlies will be going shopping - look there's just some things in life you HAVE to do and shopping is definately one of them............LOL.

Then from there we are heading to Sean's family. Should be a nice break.

Kids go back to school on Tuesday. It's been a funny school holidays this time as they were only at school for 8 weeks before this Easter break.....bit crazy really. All the other states only started their holidays this week.

Take care...........have fun...............luv Sandie

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Here is a list of 50 Things About Me......

this was completed about 2 years ago.

Ok here I go......... 1. My real name is Sandra (but don't call me that - it means I'm in trouble)
2. I am 37 years old
3. I met Sean (couldn't stand him at first) started off as friends - first real boyfriend really, engaged and married within 13 months.
4. Have 3 beautiful kids - Emily 10, Tammy 9, Joshua 7 (girls are only 13 months apart - clever really (not - big surprise but wouldn't swap it)
5. Won a competition on Triple M radio station in 1999 which was called "Millenium Dreams"......won a cheque for $10,000 which enabled us to buy our first home.........unreal.
6. I am a born worrier - when I don't have a worry I think "oh, now there must be something to worry about.
7. Favourite colours are pink, red and green.
8. Luv red shoes - if I see someone with red shoes I get rather excited
9. Have a phobia about bare feet - if I see someone out shopping with no shoes on it freaks me and I quite often have dreams about being down the street with no shoes on - freaky I know.
10. I have lived in 6 different houses and have told Sean and several other people that if our house falls down I'm going with it....don't want to move again (Dont want a morbid funeral would rather a Jazz mass where everyone is tapping their feet -I've already put in my order for a Jazz mass)
11. I love to make people happy
12. I am more of a listener than a contributor to conversations.
13. I don't have any desire to travel overseas - very much a home body.
14. Would luv to own my own craft store one day or a Coffee House
15. I have been creating cards for about 15 years -started off very basic and self taught
16. My second car was a brand new Laser - only new car I have ever owned
17. I haven't met a cake I don't like - I'm like a dog at a butchers shop when I'm outside a cake shop - yummo
18. Love, love, love chocolate
19. I have lost 25 kg twice in the last 10 years - once with Weight Watchers and once at a local weight loss group
20. Was diagnosed with PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome last year which means weight gain problems and lots of hormone related problems (gotta luv those hormones)
21. Also have Rosacea which means a red blotchy face thing - pooh cack
22. Favourite actor would have to be Matthew McConaghuey - he is magnificent
23. I luv to sit and watch clouds as they move and form different shapes.
24. Luv the smell of freshly cut grass
25. Luv to enter competitions
26. Luv Big Brother - even though my mum can't believe I watch "this rubbish" as she 27. I am one of four kids - older and younger brother and younger sister
28. I am a practising catholic - Sean is from a catholic upbringing too which makes it nice to go to mass each week as a family
29. I am more of a Autumn/Winter person - don't like summer at all - well only that you have more daylight to do things and that you can get the washing done.
30. We have two gold fish 31. Favourite thing to do is go out for a cappuccino and cake (of course)
32. Only completed Year 11 - just finished school when I found a job in the National Bank - where is where I met Sean.
33. Luv to chat to all my friends on the internet.
34. Dont like flying - but managed to fly to Sydney on the weekend to go to Sydney Paperific - caught up with some of my online buddies.
35. I have over 1000 stamps (well that was last count anyway)
36. My favourite stamps would be by HeroArts and Stampin Up
37. Only just started Scrapbooking earlier this year - said that I never would, thought I would only do one layout and now can't stop.
38. I have hazel eyes
39. Dark brown hair
40. Size 7 1/2 to 8 size shoes
41. I stand 5ft 2inch (maybe at a stretch)
42. Luv the challenge of doing OTP projects
43. Luv old things - have a lot of my nan's old china and luv to use them and remember her.
43. Had a miscarriage between no. 2 and 3 baby - very hard to get over
44. Luv Vegimite - if the doctors ever tell me I have to give it up well I'm sorry but no can do. 45. I luv to collect apples - my favourite thing would be a jigsaw apple that Sean made me out of wood with a little worm coming out of it....its priceless.
46. Absolutely luv Christmas - can't get enough of it.....wish it was all year round.
47. I haven't worked since having kids - trying to do things the old fashioned way - I would rather be home for the kids when they get home - its getting closer to me having to work though - very hard to raise 3 kids on 1 wage - holding out a little longer - probably next year.
48. Volunteer at my local St Vicent DePaul op shop each Thursday
49. Luv to have a hot shower in the mornings - especially if I can manage to get one on my own instead of kids coming in every couple of minutes asking me something.
50. I am a born romantic and just love to see the good in people - sometimes I think, I think too much - just want everything to be equal and calm

Wow - my list is a bit all over the place but things just popped into my head and I typed them down as I thought of them......................

(Like I said I compiled this list a couple of years ago. Thought i'd include it on my blog to share with you all - yesterday's "tag" reminded me.

Luv Sandie

..................being different.

This thought just came into my head so I thought - why not share it with you.

Do you have that kind of sense of humour that no-one else really gets. You know when you cant stop laughing about something and no-one else is laughing.

Well that's me usually.

I remember years ago, and I'm talking years ago, I went to the cinema with some friends to see the "Three Amigo's". This is going back to the days when you actually got to see 2 movies instead of one. Well the first film was "The God's Must Be Crazy" in some parts of the film I just couldn't stop laughing - this kind of film has this kind of "sick" sense of humour I suppose you could say. So when no-one else was laughing - you guessed it - I was laughing uncontrolably. LOL.
Then of course the film finished and The Three Amigos started. Well everyone else was rolling around laughing in their seats at this film and me - well I hardly raised a smile.
There you go - maybe this could go down as Fact No. 8 from yesterday's post.
LOL. Do you have anything similar you would like to share?
Luv Sandie

Dream ATC Swap for The Scrappers Stash

I recently held a SWAP over at The Scrappers Stash. The theme was "Dream" here are the gorgeous works of art that the girls created.

Running from top left we have Lyn, Margaret, Wirg, Marion, Sandie, Kerryn, Sarah and Virginia.

Great job everyone!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Pinch & A Punch for the fist of the month..........and Happy April Fool's Day!!!!!

It's tradition in our house to "pinch & a punch" each other for the first of the month. Sean got me about 4.30 this morning when he woke to get ready for work. I usually try and stay up til midnight and get him then........too tired last night and too slow this morning............LOL.

Kids haven't remembered yet - maybe I can get them.........mean mum.....LOL.

Not much planned for today. I certainly wont be pulling any jokes for April Fools Day as you have to be prepared for it being done back at ya..........I'm too much of a chicken.

Instead I just thought I'd share another funny photo with you.