Tuesday, 1 April 2008

..................being different.

This thought just came into my head so I thought - why not share it with you.

Do you have that kind of sense of humour that no-one else really gets. You know when you cant stop laughing about something and no-one else is laughing.

Well that's me usually.

I remember years ago, and I'm talking years ago, I went to the cinema with some friends to see the "Three Amigo's". This is going back to the days when you actually got to see 2 movies instead of one. Well the first film was "The God's Must Be Crazy" in some parts of the film I just couldn't stop laughing - this kind of film has this kind of "sick" sense of humour I suppose you could say. So when no-one else was laughing - you guessed it - I was laughing uncontrolably. LOL.
Then of course the film finished and The Three Amigos started. Well everyone else was rolling around laughing in their seats at this film and me - well I hardly raised a smile.
There you go - maybe this could go down as Fact No. 8 from yesterday's post.
LOL. Do you have anything similar you would like to share?
Luv Sandie


Wirginia said...

Oh Sandie, The God's must be Crazy movie has to be one of the funniest I've seen! I agree, I laughed more at that one than the 3 Amigos. I still laugh at the God's must be crazy after all this time and many viewings.

Sandie said...

Oh cool Wirg.........that is way cool.......haven't really met anyone who agrees with me.......gee that makes me feel better. Next time I see it I will be able to think of me good old mate Wirg.

Thanks for sharing.

Luv ya...........Sandie