Monday, 28 April 2008

Had the bestest day today.

Sean and I headed into Melbourne this morning after dropping off the kids to school.

We went straight to a coffee shop where Sean picked up some green beans so he can roast them from home - this is his latest passion. He uses an old breadmaker and a heat gun to actually roast the beans. The smell is divine!!!!! And the coffee is fantastic.

We then headed to a couple of shops that I have been wanting to visit for a while.
One of them was "Meet Me At Mikes".......this is a lovely, quaint little shop with lots of retro/vintage type goodies ranging from brooches and jewellery, old sewing patterns, old toys, new toys, old cothes, new clothes............old/new fabrics.........I just loved the shop but unfortunately it was a little out of my budget which is a shame - I really wanted something as a memento of my visit but just couldn't justify the prices - and I also noticed that I have a lot of similar things that I have collected over the years - which also means that I am sitting on a gold mine............LOL. But to me these types of things are priceless and I will treasure them forever.
The other shop was similar - cant think of the name.........I found this gorgeous melamine cupcake (which was a glorified sugar bowl or container) and it was $36.00 now I loved it but not that much, same deal though - it was great for a look. I can safely say that I would go back there again but it was great to satisfy my curiosity!!!!!
Then from there we went to Sth Melbourne. From Sean's coffee forum a few guys had told him about this great coffee shop. So we had lunch and a great coffee.
It was so nice to be strolling around holding hands and just checking everything out. We drove around some beautiful old streets with gorgeous old homes and saw lots and lots of different things.

So that's about my day in a nutshell - a large nutshell actually...........but hey............just had to share what we got up to.

Hope your day was a gooooodgen!!!!!

Luv Sandie

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Renee said...

sounds like the BEST day!! awesome :)