Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sean's April Fool

This is what my husband got up to yesterday..........he's a big shocker!!!!!

Working at Bunnings he had plenty of opportunities to get someone.

So he gets there first thing in the morning and there are toilets for sale on display near the Trade Desk. He quickly gets to and grabs a bottle of water and then searches high and low for some yellow dye from the Paint Department. He tips the nice yellow coloured water into the toilet bowl. Several team members walked by and Sean lifted the lid and said to each one "did you see what some bugger did?".........with a disgusting look on his face. He managed to catch plenty of them out. Apparently he asked one of the girls on the Trade Desk if she had cleaned it yet, she said no, so Sean pretended to storm in behind the desk, grab a cloth and proceeded to clean out the bowl. He came back, wiped the wet cloth on her and she pulled away. He had to fess up then ...........LOL. Naughty boy.


Cindy said...

LOL, cheecky bugger :)

Lyn S said...

What a shocker your DH is Sandie, LOL..........I'm tipping his co-workers will be plotting to get him back next year!!

Renee said...

I am totally LMAO right now!! I love that!! what a great prank!!! ha ha ha ha!