Wednesday, 2 April 2008

What's going on...............

Not much really!!!!!

We dropped our car off on Friday last to get it converted to gas - still waiting. I tell ya what - it had better be ready today as we are heading off on a few days break, leaving tomorrow.
Cant believe the cost of the conversion, we do get a rebate but we have to pay double that to start with. Sean worked it out that it will take us about a year for it to pay for itself so I suppose that's not too bad.
We are going to need it on gas especially next year when I am going to and from school with the girls. It will be great to have the car back - that's for sure. We have been walking everywhere of course but just the thought of not having a car is "driving" me crazy........LOL.

Sean and Josh are off to Farmworld tomorrow and us girlies will be going shopping - look there's just some things in life you HAVE to do and shopping is definately one of them............LOL.

Then from there we are heading to Sean's family. Should be a nice break.

Kids go back to school on Tuesday. It's been a funny school holidays this time as they were only at school for 8 weeks before this Easter break.....bit crazy really. All the other states only started their holidays this week.

Take care...........have fun...............luv Sandie


Wirginia said...

hey Sandie, Hope you have your car back and you enjoy your break away. My Ben doesn't start his end of term break till the end of next week, totally weird this year not having school hols during Easter for sure.
Wirg x x

Sandie said...

Thanks Wirg, yep I picked up the car today. Everything went well so it will be great having out break away and running it on gas.

Thanks for popping when I get back.

Luv Sandie