Friday, 18 April 2008

After I got home last night..........

After I got home last night after a very successful time I went out to my craft desk.
There on top of all the mess was one of the most beautiful little notes from my Em.
When they were little I used to sing a little song to them. "good night sweetheart well its time to go........" its the song from Three Men and a Baby.
Emily had written the song out and signed it with her name. She had also added little gold sequins stars around the edge. How sweet. Of course it brought a tear to my eye.
I am going to try and take a photo of it tomorrow. Not sure if it will turn out as it is gold writing on white paper but I will try. Definately going to put this one away.

Gotta luv em!!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie


helenj said...

Thats just beautiful Sandie:)

Wirg's Creative World said...

Aww Sandie, that's priceless! I hope it photographs okay for you.
I was watching Sleepless in Seattle last night too, top movie.


Lyn S said...

Oh, that's so sweet Sandie............what a gem!

Looks like you've been really busy with your blog lately......your cards and projects look just great!


Tania B said...

That is so sweet and precious, you will have to scrap it! It's these little moments that make life pretty special don't you agree!!!:)
Love your blog and all your scrapping girl!Tania (kingtania)

Renee said...

oh Sandie, this warms my heart! I love the little loving things do children do and what a fabulous memory you gave your children with that song. I imagine it tugged at your heartstrings! what a sweet sweet little girl you got there!