Monday, 28 April 2008

Received my complimentary copy of Stamping & Papercraft today

I got home today from the city to get my hands of the copy of the magazine with my little house in it and a card I'd made. Its always very exciting to see your name in print and to see the creation that you created some months ago appear in print.

I shall take some photos of it tomorrow. I must admit at the time I didn't want to send my creation off in fear that it would get squashed. Its a little 3D house. I think I added some photos a few posts back. I shall take a photo of the mag and the actual item tomorrow.

Luv Sandie


Sydney said...

ooh congrats Sandie. Love seeing your work in print too!! Hope to see some pics soon.


Vanilla said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the photos... better still I should buy a copy of the mag!

Renee said...

how exciting Sandie! Yes I bet it would be a thrill to see yourself in print! Be sure to post a pic when you can for us oversea gals! ;)
congrats girlie!!