Friday, 18 April 2008

"Oh what a night"

I had the bestest night last night girlies.

I was invited along to a school "Girls Pamper Night" selling my cards. My friend (who's kids go to this fantastic school) asked me about 3 weeks ago if I'd like to sell my cards at their fundraiser night. I was chuffed to be asked and have been busy getting things organized since then.
I didn't want to mention it on my blog as it sometimes can make me anxious. I have done several of these types of things and they have ended up with me being disappointed - I usually only JUST cover cost of the stall and sometimes it doesn't draw enough interest.
But last night I was prepared for just supporting the school.
So off I went armed with lots and lots of cards and some of my OTP's and a basket with
"bargain basket" with bits and pieces of goodies.

I had fantastic feedback and had my first sale probably within in the first 20 mins. I thought to myself after that sale if I didn't do anything else I didn't really mind.
Plenty of people were coming up and having a great old look through the cards and picking up the otp's and checking them out. I even had one mum take one of the business cards that I made up in a hurry yesterday. She is interested in me making an album for her to send to her mother-in-law over in England. How nice. Would luv to give that a go!!!!!

I managed to also win a door prize - small perfume and body oil and then not long before the night was over I won a fantastic prize in the raffle. Boy was I excited about that.
I won a lovely pair of earrings, a $20.00 gift voucher to one of the ladies shops in Pakenham that I just adore and the most gorgeous little bag/purse. I am going to take a photo of them to show you.............just divine. How lucky was I?!!!!!!!!!

So I drove home one happy little black duck - that's for sure.

Just had to share my excitement with you all.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

So glad you had a great night, and wonderful to have won some goodies :)

helenj said...

Sounds like an awesome night!

fleurie said...

ohhh HUGE congrats Sandie

Renee said...

wow!! that is awesome and so deserving as your work is just beautiful! I am sooooooooooooo not surprised that everyone found it just as yummy as I do! you are super talented and glad you are spreading the joy around! big big big congrats to you! I am just smiling ear to ear for you! luv ya!