Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Here is a list of 50 Things About Me......

this was completed about 2 years ago.

Ok here I go......... 1. My real name is Sandra (but don't call me that - it means I'm in trouble)
2. I am 37 years old
3. I met Sean (couldn't stand him at first) started off as friends - first real boyfriend really, engaged and married within 13 months.
4. Have 3 beautiful kids - Emily 10, Tammy 9, Joshua 7 (girls are only 13 months apart - clever really (not - big surprise but wouldn't swap it)
5. Won a competition on Triple M radio station in 1999 which was called "Millenium Dreams"......won a cheque for $10,000 which enabled us to buy our first home.........unreal.
6. I am a born worrier - when I don't have a worry I think "oh, now there must be something to worry about.
7. Favourite colours are pink, red and green.
8. Luv red shoes - if I see someone with red shoes I get rather excited
9. Have a phobia about bare feet - if I see someone out shopping with no shoes on it freaks me and I quite often have dreams about being down the street with no shoes on - freaky I know.
10. I have lived in 6 different houses and have told Sean and several other people that if our house falls down I'm going with it....don't want to move again (Dont want a morbid funeral would rather a Jazz mass where everyone is tapping their feet -I've already put in my order for a Jazz mass)
11. I love to make people happy
12. I am more of a listener than a contributor to conversations.
13. I don't have any desire to travel overseas - very much a home body.
14. Would luv to own my own craft store one day or a Coffee House
15. I have been creating cards for about 15 years -started off very basic and self taught
16. My second car was a brand new Laser - only new car I have ever owned
17. I haven't met a cake I don't like - I'm like a dog at a butchers shop when I'm outside a cake shop - yummo
18. Love, love, love chocolate
19. I have lost 25 kg twice in the last 10 years - once with Weight Watchers and once at a local weight loss group
20. Was diagnosed with PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome last year which means weight gain problems and lots of hormone related problems (gotta luv those hormones)
21. Also have Rosacea which means a red blotchy face thing - pooh cack
22. Favourite actor would have to be Matthew McConaghuey - he is magnificent
23. I luv to sit and watch clouds as they move and form different shapes.
24. Luv the smell of freshly cut grass
25. Luv to enter competitions
26. Luv Big Brother - even though my mum can't believe I watch "this rubbish" as she says....lol 27. I am one of four kids - older and younger brother and younger sister
28. I am a practising catholic - Sean is from a catholic upbringing too which makes it nice to go to mass each week as a family
29. I am more of a Autumn/Winter person - don't like summer at all - well only that you have more daylight to do things and that you can get the washing done.
30. We have two gold fish 31. Favourite thing to do is go out for a cappuccino and cake (of course)
32. Only completed Year 11 - just finished school when I found a job in the National Bank - where is where I met Sean.
33. Luv to chat to all my friends on the internet.
34. Dont like flying - but managed to fly to Sydney on the weekend to go to Sydney Paperific - caught up with some of my online buddies.
35. I have over 1000 stamps (well that was last count anyway)
36. My favourite stamps would be by HeroArts and Stampin Up
37. Only just started Scrapbooking earlier this year - said that I never would, thought I would only do one layout and now can't stop.
38. I have hazel eyes
39. Dark brown hair
40. Size 7 1/2 to 8 size shoes
41. I stand 5ft 2inch (maybe at a stretch)
42. Luv the challenge of doing OTP projects
43. Luv old things - have a lot of my nan's old china and luv to use them and remember her.
43. Had a miscarriage between no. 2 and 3 baby - very hard to get over
44. Luv Vegimite - if the doctors ever tell me I have to give it up well I'm sorry but no can do. 45. I luv to collect apples - my favourite thing would be a jigsaw apple that Sean made me out of wood with a little worm coming out of it....its priceless.
46. Absolutely luv Christmas - can't get enough of it.....wish it was all year round.
47. I haven't worked since having kids - trying to do things the old fashioned way - I would rather be home for the kids when they get home - its getting closer to me having to work though - very hard to raise 3 kids on 1 wage - holding out a little longer - probably next year.
48. Volunteer at my local St Vicent DePaul op shop each Thursday
49. Luv to have a hot shower in the mornings - especially if I can manage to get one on my own instead of kids coming in every couple of minutes asking me something.
50. I am a born romantic and just love to see the good in people - sometimes I think, I think too much - just want everything to be equal and calm

Wow - my list is a bit all over the place but things just popped into my head and I typed them down as I thought of them......................

(Like I said I compiled this list a couple of years ago. Thought i'd include it on my blog to share with you all - yesterday's "tag" reminded me.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

TFS, I loved reading all that stuff about you ! :D

Renee said...

I love the facts bout you Sandie! I didn't know most of them! I share your thing for bare feet too by the way!

Jeanette said...

Sandie - I loved reading all those things about you and getting to know you better. TFS!