Wednesday, 23 April 2008

About last night........

Now .........where do I start.

Ok the morning went off well and we got out all the invitations we needed to.

Raced home for a quick bite of lunch and then back to school for netball training.

We split into 2 teams and played a game - this is fairly new to the girls/boys as they have mainly just been doing some drills and learning the game so all in all they did very well. One team got all the goals and the other had 2 attempts at goal - I was a little disappointed for the team without any but gave them all the encouragement I could muster. I drew them all in at the end of the session and asked them "Now put your hand up if you tried very hard to do your best tonight?" to which they all put their hand up and said "Me!!!!!" should have seen the looks on their faces - it was priceless. All these beautiful little faces looking up at me and looking rather proud of themselves - and so they should be - they are coming along nicely. I was proud of them that's for sure!!!!!

Then...........I raced home from training to squeeze in the most slap dash dinner - some of us had cereal and the other baked beans on toast. Funny really - but we all enjoyed it.

Then we all jumped in the car to head off to the girls school. It was great to see the looks on their faces - they had never seen the school and knew nothing about it other than what we had told them. We were shown around the school and then it was back to the main hall area where we listened to various people speak about the school. The girls are really looking forward to it - it was relief to see them so at ease.

Back home for about 30 mins and then we headed out the door again to wait for the cross and icon to arrive at our church. Now I took some photos however being night it was rather tricky to capture what we were seeing and feeling, but you will be able to see a little.

It was a real moving night. Its amazing how you can be drawn in by something like this and we are all so glad we took part in it. There were several readings and different ceremonies that took part and we all got to touch the cross - amazing feeling that this cross has been all over the world and been touched by millions. Cool as.

We ended up heading home last night about 11.30, off to bed for a while and then up at 3.30 to try and wake up a little for mass at 4.000am..........we did it. Mass was really nice.

We then hung around and helped serve the breakfasts to all the pilgrims, visitors and fellow parishoners. It was real community building stuff. Everyone chatting away or working away in the kitchen. I tell ya...........the breakfast was fantastic.

Heaps of food on offer - fresh fruit, tinned fruit, beautiful yummy yoghurt, toast and a nice selection of breakfast cereals, juice and cuppas. Yummo!!!!!!

The cross left just after f5.00 so we hung around to help clean up which meant we got home at 6.30. Boy were we tired. Had a quick nap for about an hour and then jumped out of bed to get the kids off to school. They weren't too bad. We have well adjusted kids so they could cope with going to school. This is a once in a life time situation so we wanted to be part of it.

Straight after school drop off I was back in our Parish Centre again. Us mum's put on a morning tea for one of the mum's from school. She is dying from cancer and has 2 young kiddies 7 and 9.

We called it a "Celebration of Friendship" morning cuppa. The mum came along and was really moved by it. Great to see.

By the time I left out the door it was now 11.30. I was done...........I didn't have much left to give.

I came home and then remembered that Sean was on afternoon shift and I would have to cook his tea for him to take - as you do when you're worn out. So I whipped up some tea for him, saw him off to work..............and then I did.....................................................................................................................................NOTHING!!!!!!!

So here I sit...........worn out...........but feeling pretty refreshed spiritually. Ready to face another day.

Sorry this was so long everyone...................take care...........luv Sandie

(the photos are of the young pilgrims from our parish who will take part in World Youth Day, the other is of the cross and icon and the last one is our Emily as she takes part in the procession by helping to carry the icon(which happens to be mighty heavy)......she was very proud.)

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Renee said...

whew....i'm exhausted now too. that's alot to manage but it sounds like fun things to do! Glad after all that you were able to get SOME down time! holy moly! so glad you were refreshed spiritually. those pictures came out nicely. what an awesome event to see!