Sunday, 20 April 2008

Look what I got yesterday

Yesterday the kids and I went to this fantastic garage sale - in fact it's the best one I've ever been to (other than our own that is).

There were boxes upon boxes of crafty stuff. I could have just offered to take all the stuff off the lady's hands........she was glad to get rid of it actually - she said the more people buy the less she has to pack up afterwards.

So I managed to get a gorgeous antique bowl on a stand in my fave colour green of course - it was an absolute bargain at 50 cents. Then I bought a groovy handbag that just had my name written all over it........$1.00 and the bestest bargain of the day was this fantastic lot of ribbons and trims they started from 10cents a bundle going up to 50 cents a bundle. I was in absolute heaven I tell ya..........decisions, decisions. So I ended up with about $13.00 dollars worth of trims............I walked off one happy little black duck that's for sure. What was a bonus to the morning was that the town where it was held - the autumn leaves were out everywhere - my fave season. The day was an absolute delight - the bell birds were singing away and even a kookaburra. Just perfect.

We then took a short drive to a neighbouring town and visited the bakery - we all ordered something different and had a taste test of each other's yummy goodies.

All in all a great day.

Luv Sandie


Wirg's Creative World said...

Holy Moly, what a haul! That's brillian Sandie, and that little bag, so unique, it's gorgeous.
I've been shopping today too, but no bargains except for this amazing tote bag for embellishments. I'm off to fill it up and reorganise my brads and eyelets etc.

Lyn S said...

What a great find got some fabulous bargains there!

Renee said...

oooh loving all your new fab finds! that green bowl is just devine!! have fun with all the new lacey ribbon and trim. I'm sure you'll do something wonderful with them and I can't wait to see!!