Sunday, 7 October 2007

Stephen's Special Day

Well today was a very special day in our household.

You may or may not have read last week in one of my posts on my blog that I mentioned George and Median asked Sean to perform a special little ceremony.

Well today was the day.

Normally back home in Sudan George would present Stephen to one of the "Elders" and the elders would speak "words of wisdom" over Stephen while holding his little hand.

So "Elder Sean" did this today. He just stood there and told him what sort of child he would like him to be and what sort of man he would like him to see grow. It was just beautiful and I had tears in my eyes (of Then George asked me if I would like to hold Stephen and speak about something - I did and was very emotional and then the kids took a turn too.

Then we all sat around the kitchen table and had a little afternoon celebratory feast.

It was just beautiful.

I took a couple of photos of Sean holding Stephen. Poor old Sean got a little choked up there at one stage and I thought I may have to step in..............priceless!!!!!!

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Cindy said...

How beautiful and so touching :D