Saturday, 13 October 2007

Melbourne Paperific 2007

Wow - what a day............not only did I host a Girls Night In last night but I spent from 9am til 4pm at Paperific. It was fantastic. I was a bit worried how the new venue would go - it was rather tight in places and the lighting was deplorable for most stall holders - but you know us shoppers - nothing stops us!!!!!!!

Caught up with Aunt Trace, Jendo, Shabs, Lyn and met Claire for the first time. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Jen from The Scrappers Stash - she delivered my inchies which are very cute. We all had lunch and sat around the table laughing and chatting away.

I dropped off my cards and projects to AED and they were very pleased.

Popped in to Remember When to check out the girlies stall and to see how my projects/cards looked - everthing looked great. I took a couple of photos although they turned out dark. See if I can salvage one or two so you can have a little lookie.

Well that's it from me on this for now. Tomorrow is another day and I may think of other things to add - but for now................goodnight!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

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Lyn S said...

I had a great time Sandie, it was fun to catch up with everyone.