Friday, 5 October 2007


Well what's on today? We went for an early morning walk again...........I am very grumpy in the morning so it takes me a while to start waking up and actually being civil!!!!!!!!!

Kids are watching a DVD and I'm trying to sort through the many Swaps etc that are overdue so I can get them done - hopefully today. I hate holding things up for others but this household has been a little crazy the last couple of months. So fingers crossed I will get them done.

Vegie patch is looking good and we had a good drop of rain yesterday so we didn't have to water which is a bonus. Sean bought some strawberry plants home from Bunnings so they will have to be planted today.

We are heading out tonight for tea to one of Sean's mates from Bunnings. That should be nice - hey if I dont have to cook - that is a bonus!!!!!

Well enjoy your day everyone in whatever you do.

Luv ya...............Sandie

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