Monday, 26 July 2010

Our Japanese Visitor Update

Just thought I'd drop in with an update of our Japanese student, Wataru.

We picked Wataru up from school on Friday afternoon. He is such a little dude - fine features and such a gorgeous young man. His English is so, so I suppose but he is learning more and more as he goes along which is great.

He immediately fitted in - what a great feeling!!!!!

We arrived home, showed him around - lots to see in our house - I in paticular am a hoarder so he was looking around and checking everything out..............LOL!!!!

He couldn't believe the size of our house, which by the way isn't large but it is by Japanese standards.

He and Josh are sharing a room and they are getting along famously. Just like brothers!!!

We had our normal friday traditional dinner (or tea as we call it) - Fish n Chips. He loved them - especially the fish.

After Fish n Chips we presented him with a gift - a football. He was pumped!!!!! We sat up to show him some of the friday night football match - StKilda v Hawthorn - so he had a bit of an idea how the game was played. Tammy said that when she saw Wataru in the morning he was sleeping with the football - how cute!!!!

Saturday morning was a get up and go morning. We decided to induct him into the good old Australian tradition of going to a football match. So we were all running around packing all sorts of things. We also took our lunch which was a good idea as it's just so expensive to buy food at the ground.

The boys took the early train so they could stand in the queue and wait for the gaits to open. Us girlies took off an hour later because we were still preparing the lunches etc so thought it was best to stay back and get them all done without having to rush.

As it turns out there were railway works going on which meant we had to stop about half way, change to a bus and then back onto another train and the end of the railworks. I don't know what Wataru would have been thinking at this stage. Mad country this!!!! LOL!!!!!
He would be used to the train system though I suppose. It's a matter of all jumping on in Japan, then the squeeze a few more in, literally squeeze them in and then the doors shut. They also have the fast trains over there, so Saturday would have been nothing I suppose.

We got great seats (we didn't book we just queued up). We had a 2 hour wait until the game ,however, there was plenty going on around us to keep us amused.

We have been to 3 football matches with the kids and all 3 games Collingwood lost so the looks on the kids faces when Collingwood won was priceless. They actually got to sing the Collingwood song which they always sing at home. The atmosphere was great and I have to say the Wataru was really getting into it.

After the game we would normally rush to the train station to jump on a train but instead we just took our time. The boys were loving it as they were having a kick of the footy outside the MCG - along with lots of other dads, sons, mates - all kicking the footy. Everywhere you looked there were footies going every which way. I just love going to the footy - such a great family thing to do and not too expensive compared to most things these days.

We had to do the swap over to the bus thingo on the way home too which meant we got home very late. Hence the big sleep in yesterday morning.
We just had a lazy day pretty much yesterday - the boys were kicking the footy again - of course!!!

So today I dropped them off to school - they were both chatting away in the back of the car working out what they were going to be doing after school. Cool!!!

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Wirg's Creative World said...

Hi Sandie, just catching up on some of your blogged stuff. Sounds like loads of fun with your visitor. Oh the kids faces to see when Collingwood won would have been priceless. Must do some updates on my blog soon too, byee for now. x x