Friday, 16 November 2007

I had the bestest morning.

I had the bestest morning today. I drove to Warragul to pick up the huge order of beads and bits for the little christmas trees.

I mentioned to Mum and Dad that I was going so they met me

there and we had a quick shop around and then had the most beautiful Devonshire Tea - mum and dad's was so nice and we had the best little talk. The service at the cafe was excellent - dad said to the owner "that was the first time we came here and it wont be the last" the owner was chuffed. I think its important to encourage and acknowledge when you receive good customer service - cause let's face it - it doesn't happen much these days.

I then popped into a new scrapbook shop in Warragul called "Simply Said". Great little shop - they have set up in an old house - about 100 years old. Its got lots of character - I would love it as a home. They are going to be opening a "Creative Cafe" which originated in the US and is only just hot off the press. Lucky them.

Somehow I think I will be making a few trips to Warragul. LOL.

Then I ducked home to make a baby girl card. One of the teachers from school rang me at 7.30 this morning to ask if I would make a card for one of her student's mums. Isn't that nice.

So here is the card I made.


fleurie said...

ohhh how cute it that it

and that shop in warragul is sounding good...i might have to tag along oneday

seriosly cant wait to make those trees either

Cindy said...

Great cards.

I agree, good service must be praised - it truly is hard to come by these days.

I'm SO excited about making the little trees and seeing both you and Fleur :)

Sandie said...

Thanks girls......yes the time is approaching to make these little trees........the lady explained to me how to make them yesterday and it sounds really easy....can't wait either....luv Sandie