Thursday, 22 November 2007

Just a few goodies I have purchased lately

I have been saving up a few of the goodies that I have purchased over the last couple of months and thought I would never get around to showing you so I have put them altogether.

Some of them are - some goodies pen/pencils purchased at BigW - really cheap brand - my fave's were the pencils which have a ruler design on them. I also purchased the retro type fabric from Sewing Connection here in Pakenham. The little house is from Vinnies - ready to be shabby chiced, the large button is also one of my fave's - its from Robert Gordon............hmm.......what else ...................a funky little handbag, a makeup purse with old fashined photo - just luv these, oh and some beutron buttons from spotlight - thought these would be great on a card and they are quite large - bit bigger than a 50cent piece.

I have another couple of goodies to show you too...........this will do for now.

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Cindy said...

You've been busy shopping up a storm - great stuff :)