Thursday, 8 March 2007

One Year Older

Well here I am - one year older after a fantastic fun filled birthday yesterday.
It was all go - morning tea with the girls, lunch with the girls, afternoon tea with the kids and more friends and then Sean's mum kindly cooked a beautiful dinner followed by my all time favourite cake Ginger was such a great day, lots of phone calls and lovely gifts and lots of gorgeous handmade cards from my family, friends and online girlies.
And then again today......... a friend also shares the same birthday as me so she picked me up this morning and we headed to a little town about 15 mins away where there is a gorgeous little antique/gift shop. We had a lovely browse around and then walked up the street and had lunch in an old fashioned bakery. It was so nice to catch up with her as I am guaranteed plenty of good old belly laughs everytime.

Tonight after school mum and dad and my sister are due to arrive for a cuppa and catch up for both mine and dad's birthday (his was on Tuesday) so that will be beaut.

Not only am I one year older, but I have a suspicion I may be a few hundred grams heavier going by what I have eaten over the last couple of days with all this partying.........oh well .....just as well we only have our own birthday's once a year............shall let you know how my weigh in goes tonight at STARS - it had to be tonight of course didn't it? LOL

Well that's about all I have to report - still finishing off painting the laundry - have had quite a few distractions this week so its been a bit tricky to get finished.

Oh I have to fill you in on this one last thing then I had better go and pick up the kids (I suppose LOL) - I got all organised this morning before school and thought before I venture out for the day I shall put a load of washing on (the machine is still connected in the laundry - just as well)
So I put the load on and about 5 mins later hear this loud water flowing - I forgot that I took the hose out of the sink so I could paint the sink...........there was water going everywhere and lots of arms and legs flying and towels been thrown down to sop it all up..........had to laugh though.........the kids had a good laugh at my expense too.

I am still getting around to some photos to upload, I have one of the kitchen dresser (before and after shots), and I will nearly have one of the finished laundry (before and after) and some of my beautiful cards that my friends have made me.

Have fun everyone - dont forget to so something for yourself either today or tomorrow......its good natural therapy - so hop to it.

Luv Sandie


tara said...

Happy birthday!

Jen said...

Oh bugger Sandie, I missed your birthday! Sounds like you had a fantastic one, and I'll work on a belated card for you! XXX Jendo