Saturday, 10 March 2007


Dropped kids off at school yesterday and I was buzzing around doing different things here and there and ran into the principal. He asked what the Downey's were up to tonight (as in Friday) I just said the usual - fish and chips. He then went on to ask if we would fancy going out - well yeah!!!!!! He had been given some free tickets to the stage show "Annie" - the mayor of Pakenham gave them to him. So we scored 5 free tickets for our little family to go.

I was so pumped all day and so looking forward to going. I just luv live stage shows and this was a golden opportunity.

It was at our new Cultural Centre on Lakeside by the local performing arts company.

So off we all went at 8.00pm rather excited.

For most of the night I had tears in my eyes - it was just beautiful. The acting and singing was fantastic - they truly did an amazing job.
The girl who played Annie goes to the local High School - she is 12 years old and we just fell in luv with her straight away - she opened with a song and it just gave you goose bumps.

I have been pottering around the house this morning singing away to myself. The kids are cleaning their bedrooms so they can watch the movie of Annie..........lets see how long it takes them to clean up this time.


tara said...

Hope they cleaned up nice and quick.

What a nice surprise for you!

helenj said...

wow thats so cool
i remember when i was a kid in England and my older brothers and sisters took me to see it at the movies
i think it was one of the first times i went.....
tomorrow tomorrow (sorry i couldnt help myself!)