Friday, 2 March 2007

Weigh In

Gidday girlies, well I had my weigh in at STARS last night - managed to lose 100 grams, hoping for a bit more as I was really good, however, happy I am heading in the right direction.

Have been busy this week with painting - purchased some new handles for the dresser that I painted a couple of days ago. Now I have decided to keep going with painting so I am doing the laundry and the back verandah too.............big job but it will look so nice.
When we moved into our home it was all painted pink including the I like pink, but really...........they took it a little too far. I must take a before and after shot.

Not much planned for this weekend other than painting.

Sean has his Woodwork Forum BBQ to go to tomorrow and sunday, one of the girls is going to her friends house from 10 til 5 tomorrow, and the other is heading to a that will just leave Josh and I...........he will be pleased..........a bit of peace and quiet.

Have a good one everyone.........luv Sandie

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bloggedissue said...

I want to paint a wall in our house yellow... think it would be so bright and sunny, but Brett not keen at all.

He's going away in June... lol