Sunday, 4 March 2007

I won a prize

Gidday I just popped over to 123 Challenge to discover I won a prize as!!!!
Its a monthly pack from Little Scrapbook Shop.
(I must work out how to put references for these sites.........I shall go and have a play with my blog and see if I can work it out).

Pulled up very sore today after prepping the laundry for painting - all day yesterday. Sean helped me with painting the ceiling.........second coat on that tonight and then I shall be able to get stuck into the walls...........thinking I might go for one feature wall in green and the rest is in an off white/taupe type colour - not very good at explaining colours but you will see a photo when I'm done.

I just luv our house as it has lots of charachter, being old and all. In our laundry we have the old double trough and an old cupboard where the ironing board is stored - just swing open the door and out she comes.....its a little ripper!!!!

Bye for now everyone........luv Sandie


tara said...

I tried to put an answer up to your question about links over at lsbs, but it's down at the moment.

Will do it when they're back.

Sandie said...

You're a gem thanks Tara......shall look into it tomorrow.........ta....luv Sandie

Sandie said...

Received my lovely prize on Friday.....its very yummy!!!!! Thanks Charm and Cath at LSBS