Wednesday, 4 April 2007

What's up tomorrow?

Well I am going to be catching up with Fleur at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre for a cuppa in the morning. Fleur will have Lauchie and I will have the 3 kids-so while they are playing Fleur and I are going to have a cuppa.....that should be nice. I have a suspicion that its Fleur's birthday tomorrow that's a bonus.....looking forward to it.
Then we have mass tomorrow night for Holy Thursday. That's about it so far.
Enjoy your day everyone.
(P.S. I shall post a photo of Fleur's card on my Blog tomorrow after I've given it to Fleur)


fleurie said...

THANKYOU so much Sandie for the GORGEOUS card and gift from Dusk...I will upload a pic of the card later on tonight...
Was great to catch up and it was great to meet your kids.

have a fantastic EASTER....see you all soon

Sandie said...

Thanks to you too Fleur, it was a short but sweet catchup wasn't it.
Glad you liked your card and little pressie.

Josh loved catching up with Lauchie.

You have a fantastic birthday tomorrow, crop til you drop!!!!! and Happy Easter to you all too.
Luv Sandie