Thursday, 26 April 2007

Had a great day today!!!!!

Well girlies, I had a great day today.

The morning was taken up with typing out instructions for My Little Dress/Handbag which is to be published in APC magazine in a few months. I figured out it was a lot easier making the dress than actually having to work out dimensions of dress etc........LOL.
The I popped into the florist where I sell my cards - Flowers by Jo. I hadn't been in there since Valentine's Day so since then I have sold 27 cards which is pretty I collect $108.00 next week.....that will come in handy.
Popped into the newsagents before picking up the kids from school to find another set of my cards in APC #64 - nice surprise.

Weighed in at STARS tonight and lost 300grams which is a bonus for me lately.
Sold one of my cards to one of the new girlies there, she didn't know I made and sold cards and was rather that was nice.

Planning to go shopping tomorrow, hopefully for clothes......they are feeling the pinch lately, so fingers crossed I can find something decent.

Bye for now......luv Sandie


Rebekkah said...

Hi Sandie

Found your blog through CIS,am loving your cards, so bright and funky no wonder theyre selling so well.Congrats on your weight loss too, its always a good feeling when your clothes dont fit you anymore, and congrats on the pub too..

fleurie said...

congrats on the weight loss, upcoming publication, current publication, sold cards (woohoo) and everything else...
Happy shopping tomorrow too


cardscraps said...

Sounds like things are going well for you Sandie.