Thursday, 5 April 2007

Yay for me!!!!!

Gidday girlies, lets just say I'm a little excited!!!!!!!

I just had a phone call from Jessica at Australian Paper Crafts Magazine to say that I won the recent Heidi Grace competition that was in last month's mag............I am totally stoked.
I had to write in 25 words or less which range of HG I liked the it so happens, the range I like is the actual prize pack...........I cannot wait to see it. When it arrives, after drooling all over it, I shall take a photo to share with you all.



Steph said...

bugger sharing a photo I want you to share your prize :)

I hope you had fun at FG Kath and Kim I'll be calling you two next :p

fleurie said...

well done sandie...the HG goodies are very delicious..youll love them