Monday, 2 April 2007

I'm finally done...........phew!!!!!

I finally completed a set of ATC's for a Swap I was in over at LSBS.
The theme was Favourite Quote............I just couldn't get my head
around anything..........but I managed to come up with something.
Forgot to scan it, so when I receive my 16 back, I shall attach a photo
of them altogether.

Not much else happening today. Had a hair cut, the lady cut it a little
shorter than I am used to, but its not too bad - put it this way, I wont
have to mess around with it, that's for sure. Afterwards Tammy and I
did a bit of shopping at Spotlight. Picked up some cheap chipboard shapes
by Bella - packet of at least 20 odd bits for $3.00 - BARGAIN!!!!!
Received a nice cheque for $100.00 in the mail for my recent cards in APC so
that came at a nice time.

Emily went to a birthday party in the city today at Luna Park. None of
our kids had been before, so Em was pumped. She went on every ride
there was to go on she said. Her eyes were popping when she got home -
it was so great to watch her animated little face as she retold the story of
each ride. She definately doesn't take after her mother, I am not a thrillseeker
but she loved it!!!!!!!

Sean and Josh just spent time out in the shed pottering around so they enjoyed
their day too.

Came home to ants wich decided to set up camp on my craft desk.
Now I usually luv ants, but not when they intrude into my space.
Pesky little things, there were hundreds of them.
They seemed to have diminished now, so fingers crossed!!!!!
Bye for now all.

Have a great day tomorrow whatever you get up to.

Luv Sandie

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