Sunday, 26 August 2007

Pooh Cack is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Pooh Cack!!!!!!! Had everthing planned down to the finest detail and bingo bango something pops up.

I dropped the girls off at my best friends house last night so that Sean, Josh and I could travel to the airport to pick up Mizuki and his mum. We planned to leave at 7.00am - the plane comes in at 7.50. Anyway, getting ready this morning, doing last minute things and the phone rings....................Emily is feeling sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had just got out of the shower, got dressed and went around to pick her up - poor kid!!. She's home about 30 mins and throws up - this is the kid that once she starts she cant stop - she has Sean's stomach not mine. She does seem better now though so hopefully it ends there.
Hence, I couldnt go to the airport - I nearly cried but was trying not to show my disappointment. I was so looking forward to it and had it all worked out in my head - you know how you do? Oh wont be long and I will get to see them I suppose but it is rather disappointing. Just goes to show you that "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!".

Til I talk next.....................enjoy your weekend.

Luv ya...........................Sandie


Cindy said...

I hope she is feeling better tomorrow. DH has woken up feeling ill and has spent the evening vomiting. I had it a week ago, and the baby had it two weeks ago. Thankfully it seems to be just a 24-hour thing.

fleurie said...

just checking in Sandie
how are you and the family
and how was your week with your international guests?