Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Oh, How nice!!!!!

Diana (the lady who organized the Home Stay for the students) gave us a ring this afternoon to say that the boys all set off on the plane from Tullamarine. She just wanted to check how I was going as I was very upset. Thankfully Sean answered the phone or I would have been crying again. Thought that was a lovely thing to do though.

Still miss him. I forgot to mention before that one night when we were sitting down for dinner Sean mentioned to Mizuki how pleased we were to have him stay with us - he was quite shocked I think and then I went on to say to him that he and his family we were welcome anytime. He was amazed.

Last night we had a send off meal at the school. That was really nice. All the host families, students, teachers etc. Mizuki had handed each of us a small piece of origami paper and we had to write what our dreams were (as in the future). We then had to pin these dreams to a tree and Mizuki's was on there too. I only just read it as I was preparing dinner tonight. He wrote "to one day live in Australia"............of course I started to cry again didn't I? Big sook I am!!!!!

We also said something else to him while he was here. I said "Mizuki - I reckon we are going to give you a middle name. How about "Mizuki Downey Fujita"..........he instantly smiled and looked very gotta luv him.

Ok off I go again...........time to go...........take care everyone.

Luv Sandie

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