Thursday, 16 August 2007

My day

Well today I volunteered at Vinnies which was ok. I picked up a few little things for George and Medina's baby. I will just have to wash them up and give them to them.

Picked up a beautiful pram, bassinet, baby bath and cot from a family that just lives around the corner from us. She was happy to see them going to a family who needed them. The look on Medina's face was priceless. No doubt she will have them all out tonight checking them out!!!!!

Off to STARS tonight ............not looking forward to that as it will only tell me what I already know...........I've put on weight!!!!!! Oh well must hang in there...........(keep telling myself that anyway)

Received an email from Mizuki today - he had sent it at 4.10 am Japan time.............said he couldnt sleep as he was so excited to be coming here. Isn't that nice? I'm just as excited too.

Trying to clear out our back room so Mizuki's mum can stay in there. We have an old home, its one of those homes that the back part of the house was filled in and a sunroom built on IYKWIM, old weatherboard home. We love it but I tell ya what it could do with some work.
Oh well..............Mizuki survived his time here so I'm sure his mum will too.

Well I must away.

Catch you all.............stay safe, stay happy!!!!

Luv Sandie

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