Friday, 24 August 2007

Teach em while they're young!!!!!

Had to tell you this funny little story girlies.

As I have said I have been working about the place getting it ready for our visitors.
Well today the kids had the day off so I figured they could help out a little bit. I don't usually ask them to do much - just their own little chores. Anyway, I asked Tammy to dust the mantle piece and all the photo frames etc on it, because of the fire it creates a lot of dust.
She came to me only a minute into doing the job and said "hey mum, where do you put all the dust?"......................LOL. I tried to keep a straight face and just said "ah, the dust cloth does the job darl, it picks it all up and you just keep dusting away"................LOL. She said "oh!!!!" and proceeded to do the dusting.
Later on she was watching me clean the basin in the bathroom - "gee you really do a good job of the cleaning mum - there is so much to do isn't there?"............hello.................haven't I been saying this for like the last so many years..................LOL.

I must say she did a great job and it was so nice to have the kids help out. Josh cleaned up the front verandah - that is where we keep our wood so it gets rather messy out there and Em decided to opt for outside too and cleaned out the cubby hut - it took her at least 4 hours mind was rather messy - all of their own doing though. Let's see how long they keep it clean this time. They always say "oh we're gunna keep it clean this time mum and dad!!!!"

Well I shall see if I get a chance to pop in tomorrow. Only 2 more sleeps before Mizuki and Kumi arrive.

Luv ya..............Sandie


Cindy said...

Let's hope your lot remember how much 'stuff' there is to do to keep a house tidy :)

Hell will freeze over before my family gets any idea...*sigh*

Sandie said...

Yep its frustrating alright Cindy............especially if you get the bug of having a clean up and no-one in the house notices that you put is a huge effort.

Sometimes I do a little test - you see something on the ground which is clearly not your own and you leave it there for the owner to pick it up themselves. I have done this quite often and they either don't see it, choose not to see it or dont care or all 3. I end up having to tell them to pick it up...............arghhhhhhh!!!!
A womans work is never done!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Narelle said...

Gosh the Cubby house cleaning story sound familiar!! LOL!!!

Hope you are enjoying your time with your special visitors!